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18 Best Eyeglass Frames for Women Over 50

By Sandra Roussy January 02, 2024 Makeup and Fashion

Do you wear glasses? Even if you have had 20/20 vision your whole life, chances are that you may have eyesight issues as you get older and most probably need reading glasses. Or maybe you have been wearing prescription glasses forever. Join the club!

The search for the best eyeglass frames is a constant activity for me. I love switching up my look and typically purchase new frames every year or so. Usually, I gravitate towards the fashionable and bold frames. I don’t see myself going for the simple frames even as I get older. Don’t let anyone tell you that you should be wearing granny glasses because you are over 50. You do not!

Are you traditional or wild and trendy? Check out my list of best eyeglass frames for mature women – I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking.

My list of the best eyeglass frames for older women:

  1. JINS – Classic and classy full-rim cat eye frames.
  2. Coach – bottom-wired colorful cat-eye frames offer just the right amount of classic look and trend.
  3. Lydell Truffle Tortoise – elegant and classic tortoise eyeglass frames that will go with everything.
  4. Amelia Elderflower Crystal – transparent frames with a soft pink hue and look great on many face shapes.
  5. Jins Semi-Rimless – Semi-rimless frames offered in 4 different colors.
  6. VOGUE Thin Rimmed Eyeglasses – these frames are classic with added embellishment rhinestones on the sides.
  7. Woodrow Rectangle Blue Eyeglasses – these rimless glasses are perfect if you want the most attention on your eyes. 
  8. Ray-Ban’s thin-rimmed frames – just the right amount of classic and trend combined.
  9. Michael Kors Clear Frames – clear crystal frames are very fashionable at the moment.
  10. Prada Multi-Color Frames – tortoise mix with the added red touch make these cool eyeglass frames perfect for bold women.
  11. Ray-Ban Square Frames – this shape of eyeglass frame is all the rage at the moment.
  12. Percey Chestnut Crystal – a sheer frame which comes in a variety of color combos and patterns.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Eyeglasses

The Shape of Your Face

Choosing frames that suit your face is important. You don’t want the glasses to overpower your face or features. Try on several pairs and ask for advice. I often take photos (selfies) that I send to my closest friends and family and know that I will get honest replies. I send them some A, B, and C choices, and they tell me which ones they like best.

Your Lifestyle

How you live your life will determine what type of frames you need. Are you an active person who does regular sports? Do you travel a lot? If you tend to break, scratch, or lose your glasses frequently then look for robust frames (and maybe inexpensive ones if you have to replace them regularly).

Your Personality

Your personality will determine the style and color of your frames. Match your eyewear to your clothing style for a well-put-together look. Have several eyeglasses with different looks if you can afford them.

Your Budget

Everyone’s budget is different, and eyeglass frames vary from a few dollars to well into the several hundreds of dollars. Designer eyewear will tend to be pricier but oftentimes offer better quality.


Will you be wearing them every day, all day? Or do you need them simply for reading or for seeing things up close? This will determine how comfortable they need to be and also how much you want to spend on them.

Best Eyeglass Frames for Older Women

Eyeglass frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look at the shapes that best suit each face shape.

Best Eyeglasses for Round Faces

A round face typically has cheekbones that are usually the widest part of the face. For round faces, it’s generally recommended to go for eyeglass frames that add angles and definition to balance the softer features. Here are some eyeglass shapes that work well for women with round faces:

Rectangular Frames

Angular and rectangular frames can add structure and contrast to the soft curves of a round face.


These soft rectangular frames from Jins offer delicate structure and nearly weightless comfort and come in a range of colors.

Cat-eye Frames

These frames have an upswept outer corner, which can lift and elongate the face, adding a touch of glamor.


This classic full-rim cat eye frame from Jins is offered in 4 color combos, including trendy transparent pale peach. These are classy and classic cat eye frames.

Geometric Frames

Frames with unique and geometric shapes can add interest and complement the softer features of a round face.

Tory Burch TY2133U

These geometric blue frames from Tory Burch are stylish and fun.

Avoid round or overly curved frames, as they can emphasize the roundness of the face.

Best Eyeglasses for Oval Faces

An oval-shaped face is characterized by balanced proportions and a slightly curved jawline. Oval faces are considered versatile, and many eyeglass shapes complement this balanced face shape. Here are some eyeglass shapes that work well for women with oval faces:

Wayfarer Frames

Classic and stylish, these frames have a slightly squared-off shape that complements the natural balance of an oval face.


These classic frames from Ray Ban never go out of style. I remember photos of my dad in the ‘50s with these glasses and I now own a pair very similar to these. 

Oval Frames

Since oval faces are well-proportioned, oval-shaped frames can enhance the natural symmetry without overwhelming the face.

Percey Chestnut Crystal
Percey Chestnut Crystal

These frames come in a variety of color combos and patterns but I particularly like this one that has an interesting and unique wood grain effect.

Round Frames

Round frames can add a soft contrast to the balanced features of an oval face. Just make sure they’re not too small to maintain the proportions.

Ray-Ban RX5283

Classic Tortoise Ray-Ban frames are softly rounded and feminine and are perfect for oval-shaped faces. 

Cat-eye Frames

Elegant and slightly upswept, cat-eye frames can add a touch of flair to an oval face without overshadowing its natural symmetry.

Lydell Truffle Tortoise
Lydell Truffle Tortoise frames

I love the elegant and classic look of these tortoise eyeglass frames. These go with everything, and the soft cat-eye effect is just perfect.

With an oval face shape, you have the flexibility to experiment with various frame styles. The key is to maintain the natural balance without adding too much contrast. 

Best Eyeglasses for Square Faces

A square face is angular with a strong jawline. The forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are similar in width. For square faces, the goal is often to soften the strong angles and add some curves. 

Round Frames

Round or oval frames can help soften the strong angles of a square face, adding a touch of contrast.

Ottoto Daniela

The Ottoto Daniela offers an elegant semi-rimless frame with a discreet hint of cat-eye flair. Constructed from premium monel, it has a polished finish and adaptable nose pads for a comfortable and personalized fit.

Cat-eye Frames

The upswept outer corners of cat-eye frames can bring attention to the upper part of the face and add a feminine touch.

Coach cat-eye frames

These bottom-wired colorful cat-eye frames from Coach offer just the right amount of classic look and trend. These would look great for women who have closets full of color.

Oval Frames

Similar to round frames, oval shapes can provide a nice balance by softening the angular features.

Prada Multi-Color Frames
Prada multicolored frames

Prefer color? These frames from Prada won’t disappoint. The tortoise mix makes these cool eyeglass frames perfect for bold women over 60.

Avoid square or rectangular frames, as they can emphasize the strong jawline and square features. Experimenting with different styles can help you find the frames that suit you best. 

Best Eyeglasses for Triangle Faces

For triangle faces, where the forehead is narrower than the cheekbones and jaw, the goal is often to balance the proportions by drawing attention upward.

Cat-eye Frames

The upswept outer corners of cat-eye frames can balance the wider jawline by drawing attention upward and adding a touch of glamor.

Amelia Elderflower Crystal
Amelia Elderflower Crystal eyeglasses frames

Transparent frames are very trendy now, and I feel that this look is perfect for older women as it softens the features instead of overpowering them. 

Aviator Frames

Aviator-style frames can complement the wider cheekbones and jawline of a triangle face.

Spy Rico

These frames seamlessly blend classic and modern elements. Constructed with high-quality acetate with a contemporary design, a stylish double bridge, and a fashionable color blend. 

Rimless or Semi-Rimless Frames

These styles can help balance facial features. 

Woodrow Rectangle Blue Eyeglasses
Woodrow Rectangle Blue Eyeglasses

These rimless glasses are perfect if you want the most attention on your eyes. This type of frame (or lack thereof) suits practically every face shape.

Rectangle Frames

Frames with a rectangular shape can add width to the upper part of the face, balancing the wider jaw.

Michael Kors Clear Frames
Michael Kors Clear Frames

Clear crystal frames are very fashionable at the moment. The two-tone color and square cat-eye shape of these Michael Kors is right on-trend.

Avoid frames that emphasize the width of the jaw or add too much weight to the bottom part of the face. Finding frames that highlight the upper part of the face can create a more balanced and flattering look. 

Best Eyeglasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

For heart-shaped faces, where the forehead is wider than the jaw, it’s ideal to choose eyeglass frames that balance the width of the forehead and draw attention away from the narrower chin. 

Thin Rimmed, Rimless, or Semi-Rimless Frames

These styles can help balance the broader upper half.

Ray-Ban Thin-Rimmed
Ray Ban Thin-rimmed

Ray-Ban’s thin-rimmed frames are just the right amount of classic and trend combined. You’ll never tire of this silver/blue combo.

Round Frames

Rounded frames can soften the angles of the forehead and balance the narrower chin, creating a harmonious look.


An on-trend metal frame drawing inspiration from a sleek and tidy aesthetic. 

Square Frames

Square frames with curved edges can add structure to the forehead and balance the wider upper part of the face.

Ray-Ban Square Frames
RayBan Square Frames

Square is in! This shape of eyeglass frame is all the rage at the moment. I love that they give off a slight ’70s feeling. Never worn square glasses before? Give them a try, you might be surprised.

Aviator Frames

Aviator-style frames with a slightly rounded shape can complement the wider forehead while maintaining a stylish appearance.

Quay High Key Mini Remixed

These frames represent a lavish reinterpretation of the brand’s top-selling aviator design. Constructed from premium metal, it highlights an acetate-coated browline, elegant temples, and adjustable nose pads for a comfortable and customized fit.

Avoid frames that emphasize the width of the forehead or add too much weight to the upper part of the face. Experimenting with different styles can help you find the frames that enhance your natural features.

Best Places to Buy Frames


LensCrafters offers a variety of discounts on new eyeglass frames, including a senior discount for AARP members. You can get an eye exam from an independent doctor of optometry near each LensCrafters store, and LensCrafters also offers a 90-day Unconditional Guarantee to give you a full refund on your new eyewear in case you are not completely satisfied.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a unique online store to shop for new stylish glasses for women – they sell really creative designs that also tend to be more affordable than most boutique-style eyewear, with prices starting at $95.

Are you worried about buying glasses online? No problem – Warby Parker makes it easy to “try before you buy” – they’ll send you up to five pairs of eyeglasses to try on at home, or you can take a photo of your face, upload it to the website, and see how your choice of glasses will look on your face.

Warby Parker also has a philanthropic mission – for every pair of eyeglasses that they sell, they donate a pair of eyeglasses to people throughout the world who cannot afford glasses. You get a wonderfully stylish pair of glasses, while also contributing to a charitable cause.

ZENNI Optical

At ZENNI’s you can get a complete pair of prescription glasses starting at $6.95. This online-only optical store offers very affordable eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. It has a 30-day return guarantee and an exceptional customer service department.


Your local eye doctor might have a great selection of fashionable glasses, but the prices are often higher than what you can find online. However, if you can find a one-of-a-kind pair of stylish eyeglasses, maybe it’s worth spending a bit extra. Plus, you get the reassurance of having the glasses fitted directly for your face, right there in the shop.


Again, there are often some incredibly cute and stylish eyeglass designs on sale at small boutique shops, But the prices are often higher than you can find online. It’s all a matter of balancing your budget with your personal sense of style. When you think about how many years you’re going to wear those glasses, perhaps it’s worth splurging on a truly unique look.

Thrift Stores

If you want a trip down memory lane, you can often find some wonderful vintage eyewear designs at thrift stores or consignment shops – just buy the frames (often for a cheap price), and then have the lenses replaced with your own prescription. But again, be careful – old glasses frames cannot always withstand having new lenses inserted.

Remember: Not all frames are suited for some prescriptions. Progressive lenses and high prescription lenses limit your choices of eyeglasses. Talk to your eye specialist who can direct you to the frames that are best suited for your needs.



Let’s Have a Conversation:

Which frames are your favorites? Are you more traditional and prefer simple eyewear or do you go for the colorful and bold cat-eye frames? Tell us about your eyeglass frame shopping experiences in the comments below.

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