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Having a Passion is Great but Skills Make You Money

By Stephanie Brodt January 16, 2022 Managing Money

Do you have a passion in life? Something that keeps you ticking? Maybe you have more than one.

According to Dr. Alison Block, “a passion is something you want to dig into more deeply. It doesn’t matter if passion improves your body, mind, or heart. You will be drawn to the things you are passionate about.”

I’m sure you’ve heard that if you could make your job something you’re passionate about, it would really be no job at all. I know I’ve heard that often.

So, maybe you’ve been making a living at a job for years. It could have been in retail or the office or a factory – whatever it took, you did it. After all, you needed money to pay the bills. It was a job and it made you money – so all was good.

That was me too! But as we reach 60, things change. Your family has changed, your lifestyle has changed, YOU have changed!

Maybe you’ve started to imagine working at something you are actually passionate about? Something that gives you real joy. But, is that realistic?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Passion Is Important

According to the 2015 study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, when you do something you’re passionate about, you are decreasing your overall stress and increasing your happiness. Why?

Because your passion:

  • helps you get to know yourself better,
  • balances other (not so fun) parts of life with those things you love,
  • creates confidence in that area,
  • can be contagious to others, and
  • helps you feel fulfilled.

So, it’s clear – we all need our passions.

Does Your Passion = Money?

But, can you expect to be paid for your passions? That depends.

Being paid for your passions all depends on your skill level in your passion field and whether there is a need for that skill level.

My Photography Passion

For instance, I love to take pictures. I experiment with different angles, adjust my filters, make booklets of the end results and love every minute of taking them, editing them, and sharing them.

Do I have skills in this field? Not really.

I’m passionate about it and can spend hours doing it. I feel content while I’m at it and am in a better mental state after having done it.

But that does not mean anyone would want to pay me to take their pictures, because:

  • I really have no skill in this field.
  • I know absolutely nothing about the correct way to do photography.
  • I have nothing but personal experience.

I love doing it, and that’s enough for me.

Passion to Put Things to Order

Likewise, I love to organize anything and everything! Give me a brand new calendar, planner, or journal, and I will plan, schedule, organize, and clean out everything for the entire year.

Want to be organized and clear on your projects and goals for the year? I’m your gal! I’ve been doing this for over 20 years. I have skills and know exactly what I’m doing.

And, I’m passionate about it. Will anyone pay me to do this? Yes, they will, and they do!

How to Turn Your Passion to Money

Just because your current passion does not make you money now does not mean it won’t ever be profitable.

Here are two ways you can turn your passion into an income stream:

You Could Combine Your Skills and Your Passion

In my case, I could work with photographers in planning their calendars and schedules as a Virtual Assistant. I know enough about photography to understand the terminology, and I have skills in the planning field.

A photographer would love to work with me, and I would love to work in the photography field. It’s a win-win scenario.

You Could Increase Your Skill Level in Your Passion Field

If you think your passion is what you want to do, but aren’t at a professional skill level, take online classes. Research free video tutorials in your passion field.

Learn the nuts and bolts (boring stuff) about your passion. In other words, become “skilled” in your passion. Then, when you’ve learned enough – your skills will earn you an income.

Don’t Wait – Do Something Now!

If you’re in the second half of life and wanting to earn money in your passion field, you can definitely do it. However, don’t wait until you find the right person to pay you for your passion.

Earn money with the skills you currently have while working to grow your skills in your passion field. Then combine your skillsets and have that life that makes your work be your passion.

That’s what I have. I work as a Virtual Assistant and coach other women how to work virtually as well. Working virtually is a great option for those women that have years of office experience but are tired of the commute, office politics, lack of freedom, and everything else that goes along with an office job.

If that describes you, then you only need to make a step in the right direction.

What is your passion? Do you have skills to go with it? Is there more to be learned? What is your current job? Can you combine your job skills with your passion? Are you ready to do it? Let’s have a conversation!

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Stephanie Brodt left the corporate world at the age of 48 after working 20+ years as an Executive Assistant to Presidents and CEOs. She now teaches other "more mature" women how to use their skills online instead of in the office. To find out more about Stephanie please visit

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