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10 Ways to Prioritize Your Health and Well-being While Coping with Divorce

By Beverly Price July 02, 2023 Family

Have you prioritized your health during your divorce? Most women would answer no. With the overwhelm and emotions from divorce, the last thing many of us think about is our health. We have a long history of taking care of everyone else, but not ourselves.

Divorce can be one of the most challenging experiences a person can go through. It is a major life change that can affect one’s emotional, social, mental, and financial well-being. In addition, divorce can also have a significant impact on a person’s health. The suggestions below will help you to prioritize your health and well-being during and after a divorce.

Seek Support from Healthcare Professionals

Consult with healthcare professionals such as family doctors, nutritionists, and chiropractors to monitor your health and provide guidance and treatment.

Consider working with therapists, counselors, divorce coaches and pastors for emotional support and guidance during this challenging time.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

  • Eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and protein.
  • Consider taking vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • Avoid excessive eating or undereating.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol or other mood altering substances.

Establish Regular Sleep Hours

  • Establish regular sleep hours and ensure you get adequate sleep.
  • Consider using natural remedies such as meditation, nature sounds, or exercises to help with relaxation.
  • Avoid powerful sleep aids unless recommended by a physician.

Engage in Relaxation Activities

  • Take time to relax and enjoy activities that make you feel good.
  • Consider getting a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure or new haircut or hairstyle.
  • Explore new activities or social events where you can meet new friends.

Stay in the Present

Try not to dwell on the past or worry about the future. Planning for the future is important, but it is equally important to focus on the present moment.

Take Classes or Explore a New Career

Consider taking a class or exploring new career opportunities at a local college or community center. Talk to a career coach for guidance and support.

Establish a Routine

Establish a routine that helps normalize your daily life and gives you a sense of control. Use a planner to organize yourself and to help reduce overwhelm.

Avoid Rushing into a New Relationship

  • Take time to rediscover yourself and the person you want to be.
  • Analyze your marriage and your spouse to determine why you were attracted to him in the first place.
  • Avoid rushing into a new relationship until you feel emotionally ready.
  • Practice increasing your self-awareness to learn more about yourself.

Build A Positive Support Network

Establish a support network of friends, family, and community groups if they are positive. Do not build your support network with negative non-supportive people.

Consider joining online groups such as to connect with others who share similar interests. 

Stay Active and Engaged

Avoid isolating yourself and feeling lonely. You can stay active and engaged even if you are on your own.  Make sure you get out of the house and do errands and activities. Get involved in activities or hobbies that interest you.

Why Not Take Care of Yourself?

Taking care of yourself is critical to going through divorce and building a wonderful life afterwards. Most of us focus on the divorce process and/or our children, but it is important to note that if we are not healthy, we cannot be helpful to others nor go through our divorce with clarity and strength.

Divorce can be a challenging and stressful time, but it is important to prioritize your health and well-being during this period. By seeking support, you can minimize the negative impact of divorce on your health and well-being.

Remember, taking care of yourself is crucial during this challenging time. It’s time to prioritize you!

What’s stopping you?

Let’s Have a Conversation:

How are you taking care of yourself in the midst of divorce? Is your health good or do you need to improve it? How are you planning to build up your health and take care of you? Do you have a support group that is helping you go through the process?

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