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Best Hearing Aids 2022

By Jessica Thomas January 02, 2022 Aging

Buying hearing aids can be a challenging process. The market is flooded with options with vastly different features and varied price points. As a result, trying to pick out which hearing aid is best for you and your unique needs can be difficult. Even though many hearing aids have similar features, reviews suggest that some hearing aids are better than others! Below, we will explore some of 2022’s best hearing aids. 

Hearing Aid Comparisons 

Hearing aids are intricate pieces of technology, and different producers boast different technological innovations. These differences can complicate comparisons across brands and introduce some degree of subjectivity into rankings. 

Yet, despite these potential limitations, hearing aid comparisons are still invaluable to the average consumer. The information in these comparisons can help consumers balance price versus quality and also evaluate a wide range of other features. 

Factors to Consider 

So, what are some important factors that should be looked at when comparison shopping? There are six critical factors that should be considered when buying hearing aids, and they include: 

1. Price 

2. Battery life 

3. Warranty 

4. Manufacturer’s customer service 

5. Type of hearing aid 

6. Hearing loss that it addresses

Most of the factors in the list above are self-explanatory. The one that needs additional explanation is the type of hearing aid. Hearing aids can be divided into two broad categories. One category is those that fit behind the wearer’s ears. The other option is hearing aids that are custom-molded for an individual user. 

Hearing Aid Ratings 

Below, we will explore some of the best hearing aids for consumers in 2022. 

#1 Eargo Neo HiFi

One hearing aid that has received high ratings for 2022 is the Eargo Neo HiFi. This is an excellent option if someone is concerned about the aesthetics of hearing aids and wants an invisible in-ear canal option. The design of this model cannot be beaten. But, there are some drawbacks that people need to be aware of, such as the fact that it is not waterproof and the battery life is also somewhat limited. 

The Eargo Neo HiFi is not the only great hearing aid option for consumers. 

#2 Starkey Livio AI

For people who want all the bells and whistles that a hearing aid can offer, the Starkey Livio AI hearing aid brings a wide range of technological innovations with it. The data collected from the hearing aids interfaces with Starkey’s own “Thrive” app to help people better understand how their physical and emotional health connect with each other.  The downside is that this technology also comes with a high sticker price. One hearing aid will cost you upwards of $4,400. 

#3 MD Hearing Aids

But, for those who are budget conscious, there are also great hearing aids that come at more reasonable price points. One of the best-reviewed models for 2022 in this price niche is the MD Hearing Aids. These hearing aids are priced between $199 and $799, depending on which features they sport. For example, the digital model is more expensive than its analog version. 

#4 Widex Ecoke Ric 10

A final exciting hearing aid to consider for 2022 is the Widex Ecoke Ric 10. This hearing aid is specially designed for individuals dealing with tinnitus. Tinnitus is a troubling condition in which people hear a repetitive ringing sound. . This ringing can be severe enough that people’s daily lives are interrupted, and the problem is also often troublingly stubborn to resolve, sometimes lasting for years. This hearing aid is equipped to play soothing music directly into the earpiece when a person is struggling with tinnitus. And, this is not it’s only noteworthy feature. It can also help make your listening experience better in noisy settings with its “Soundsense Learn” app. 

#5 The Rechargeable LI RIC

One common frustration that many people have with their hearing aids is that they require frequent battery changes. You can avoid this frustration by selecting rechargeable hearing aids, which an increasing number of them are. However, if you do go the rechargeable route, you will likely need to charge your hearing aids every night to make sure you have enough battery power the next day. 

One of the most highly rated rechargeable hearing aids on the market is a product by Miracle Ear, the Rechargeable LI RIC. This small and attractive hearing aid also sports a long battery life following charging. A single charge may be enough to get you up to 24 hours of hearing aid use. 

Also, Look for Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The technological innovations of the last several decades have undoubtedly shaped what hearing aids look like today. For 2022, many hearing aids are Bluetooth hearing aids. Bluetooth technology allows a person’s hearing aids to interact with other pieces of technology in the home or workplace. Depending on the particular manufacturer, the Bluetooth capability can offer even greater functionality. 

If you are interested in what Bluetooth technology does for hearing aids and how it could positively impact your life, make sure you include this important feature when doing your comparison shopping and mention this to your hearing aid consultant. 

What Does Bluetooth Technology Mean? 

Most of us have heard the term Bluetooth technology, but we don’t all understand what it means, particularly in reference to hearing aids. Bluetooth technology connects various user devices to each other, allowing for the sharing of critical information. For a hearing aid, this may mean, for example, that the music from your iPod can be directly connected to your hearing aids. Upping your ability to listen to your favorite media content. 

As mentioned above, the majority of hearing aids currently available on the market sports Bluetooth connectivity. With technology continuing to evolve, more and more hearing aids will be Bluetooth enabled. Below is a list of three Bluetooth hearing aids that are highly recommended. 

#1 Various Signia Models

Various Signia models, including the Signia Isio, are Bluetooth compatible. These are not the only technological innovations that these models offer. They also have patented technology designed to minimize the problem of background sounds, improving the standard of living for wearers. And, the Signia models also have technology designed to help resolve the problem of tinnitus. A final great high tech feature of these hearing aids is that they can be controlled via your smartphone, making them easier to use. 

The Starkey Halo Link is an outstanding Bluetooth hearing aid model. But, there is a caveat to this recommendation. It only effectively interfaces with Apple products. So, if you are an Android user then it will not work for you. You can fully connect any Apple device with your hearing aids to receive a complete and integrated listening experience. 

#3 ReSound LiNX

ReSound describes its LiNX model as the technological leader in hearing aid products. This model is rechargeable and it can also be connected to any of your devices so that you can stream your content directly to your hearing aids. The Company also boasts of its groundbreaking surround sound, as well as its spatial sense technology that gives users a much better sense of where the sound is coming from. 


Selecting your own hearing aid is a highly personal decision. The hearing aid that works for you may not work for your best friend or vice versa. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully comparison shop when buying a new hearing aid. It is also essential for you to begin to brainstorm on what features are important to you, and then once you have these decisions made, you can start the process of comparison processing. Another tool that can help you in this process is knowing how other users and professional reviewers reacted to a product! 

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Susan Goodman

Thanks for this article. I’ll be getting tested and then buying a hearing aid soon.

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