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High Fashion on a Low Budget: Fashion After 50 and the Search for Hidden Gems

By Sixty and Me October 10, 2018 Beauty

For many of us, thrift store shopping is something to be avoided. After all, as mature women we would never incorporate all those funky styles into her wardrobe, right? Well, maybe we should!

Join us as Margaret Manning discusses this very topic with “Bag and a Beret” blogger Mel Kobayashi, whose fashion expertise for the older woman will help you see how thrift store finds can make you feel and look your best without having to dig deep into your wallet.


Fashion After 50 and the Best Way to Approach Thrift Store Shopping

Rather than just walking in and roaming the aisles, Mel advises having a more tailored approach. Some walk in looking for specific brands, or certain colors, or for predetermined styles.

Mel’s technique is to search a specific area of clothing, like dresses, jumpsuits, or jackets. And don’t forget to check the menswear. There are lots of great finds hiding there!

Size? What size?

Don’t pay too much attention to sizes. Start with whatever size you are, and then wander off a bit. Size is so arbitrary and varies from brand to brand.

Items can be altered and worn in unconventional ways. Rather, color and texture is paramount. Look for pattern, feel the fabric, check for quality.

Also, don’t forget that many items can be tailored to give you the perfect fit, even if you are getting them second hand!

High Fashion on a Low Budget

One of Mel’s favorite things to do is to look through fashion magazines, walk into designer shops, pick out some favorite items and then try to replicate those with thrift store finds.

She tells one story of going to a Gucci store and finding a $5000 outfit that she just loved. So, off she went to the thrift stores and, much to her delight, she was able to put together an outfit just like it for $30!

Style Doesn’t Have to Be Boring!

It’s common for older women to stick with what they feel works for them, but Mel wants women over 50 to go out of their comfort zone, take some risks, and enjoy fashion again. It’s all about looking good and feeling good, and it shouldn’t be boring, no matter your age.

Thrift store shopping enables you to take those fashion risks with minimal spending. You’d be surprised at how many great items you can find for as low as $5!

Let ALL Facets of Your Personality Shine!

Don’t be afraid of sparkles, or sequins, or bright colors. After all, style and fashion is a form of self-care. So do whatever makes you happy and helps to bring out the different aspects of your personality.

Fashion can and should bring positivity to your life, and when you feel good, it has a positive effect on the people around you.

Don’t Worry, Wear What Makes You Happy! This Simple Rule is the Essence of Fashion After 50

Don’t worry about what anyone says is acceptable or not acceptable for a mature woman to wear. Go to what you’re drawn to. Try something that you wouldn’t normally wear and see how you feel.

Think of the different ways you can wear a particular article of clothing. Then do it. Fashion should be fun, so go ahead and have a blast!

Have you ever tried thrift store shopping? What great finds have you made? Do you enjoy thrift store treasures that take you out of your comfort zone? What tips do you have for a good fashion treasure hunt? What does fashion over 50 mean to you? Let’s have a chat!

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