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How to Live a Long Life According to the World’s Oldest Barber

By Sixty and Me October 25, 2018 News

There are several things in life that most of us are eternally seeking the answers to, with one of the most common being the secrets to a long, healthy life.

And while most of us can agree on several common, universal factors that encourage health and longevity, who better to weigh in on the topic than someone who has actually accomplished this feat?

107 and Going Strong

Meet Anthony Mancinelli. He is 107 years old.

And while living to 107 years old is a pretty incredible feat all on its own, the fact that Mancinelli has accomplished living for so many years healthfully, happily, and working full-time as a barber to this very day is downright outstanding.

In fact, it is so outstanding that ten years ago, the Guinness Book of World Records named Mancinelli the world’s oldest barber! Flash forward more than a decade and Mancinelli is still working full-time as the world’s oldest barber, the same as he has been happily doing since he dropped out of school and began barbering at the tender age of 11 years old.

With a full head of white hair and a steady hand, Mancinelli greets every one of his loyal customers with a welcoming smile (still with all of his own teeth, by the way) at Fantastic Cuts salon in New Windsor, New York. As one might imagine, Mancinelli not only has a bevy of long-term, repeat clients, but he also has a constant influx of new customers that travel from all over the world to get their hair cut by the world’s oldest barber.

All of Mancinelli’s customers, both new and old, seem to relish in the stories, advice, and wisdom that the centenarian imparts while cutting their hair.

Bob, Mancinelli’s 81-year old son, says, “Some of his older customers, he helps them in the chair. He’ll say to an 80-year-old guy, ‘Listen, when you get to be my age…’ They love hearing that.”

Many of them also love hearing tips on how to live a long life, and while Mancinelli is happy to share his advice, he like to keep it simple and only share what has worked for him – keeping the smoking and drinking to a minimum, not too much exercise, eating only thin spaghetti as to not “get fat”, and being actively on his feet for about 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Mancinelli is so healthy that unlike many of his friends in their 80’s and 90’s, he doesn’t need to take any daily medication and really only visits the doctor to appease the people in his life, explaining, “I only go to the doctor because people tell me to, but even he can’t understand it. I tell him I have no aches, no pains, no nothing. Nothing hurts me.”

If you want to see Mancinelli’s barbering skills in action and hear more of his advice on living the good life well into your 100’s, check out the video clip below!


What are your thoughts on Mancinelli’s advice for longevity? What do you do to help you feel happy and healthy? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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