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How to Live like The Golden Girls: New Book Makes it Easy

By Sixty and Me July 23, 2015 Health and Fitness

Have you ever thought about living with roommates? If so, you are in step with a growing cadre of baby boomers who are turning to shared living as a fun, affordable housing option as they age.

A Golden Girls Home is where mature adults share a home. Maybe it’s two women sharing an apartment; maybe it’s four men and women sharing a house.

Each house develops its own culture and style, and each member makes the house feel like a home. It’s economical, friendly, and reduces the sense of loneliness that many people feel when kids grow up and loved ones are no longer around. What’s not to love?

“I love the idea of a Golden Girls home, but don’t know where to start!”

Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to shared living. Enter the new edition of How to Start a Golden Girls HomeThis primer offers guidance on how to make your home attractive to roommates, questions to ask in an interview, how to handle pets, boyfriends, and other tricky situations, as well as hundreds of other tips about seniors sharing homes.

The book draws on my experience as the founder of the Golden Girls Network, a website that helps adults ages 50 and above find roommates. It includes sample applications, leases, and other practical resources for homeowners and potential roommates.

As we grow older, the direction of our lives changes. Where once there may have been a spouse, children, maybe a career, there may now be a void. It becomes important to find a purpose. It’s important to have a community in which you belong. In comes the Golden Girls Network – suddenly you have a community of people just like yourself, looking for friends and a new adventure!

“What’s it like living with roommates?”

Living with a roommate means there’s someone there. It’s sitting around the table sharing cheesecake, talking about current events, old romances, and favorite TV shows. It’s having someone to call if the car breaks down. We share birthdays and grandchildren stories. We also share heartaches and disappointments.

Adjusting to life with roommates can also be difficult – you may have lived by yourself for years, or maybe you’re used to having a spouse and kids around. Either way, living with roommates will be a change. How to Start a Golden Girls Home helps you work through these issues and ultimately strengthen the bond you have with your roommate(s)!

Get Started Today!

Golden-Girls-book-coverHow to Start a Golden Girls Home has all the info you’ll need to prepare your home and find a roommate that’s right for you.

More than one million baby boomers are living the Golden Girls lifestyle. Join them today!

This is a guest post by Bonnie Moore. Bonnie is the founder of the Golden Girls Network, a website that helps adults ages 50 and above find roommates.

Would you ever live with a roommate? Why or why not? Please join the conversation.

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