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It’s Never Too Late to Find Love and a New Career

By Gloria Dunn-Violin January 06, 2018 Lifestyle

We go through life constantly wondering. When will it happen? When will I find the right man or partner or that next job or career? We’re always wanting and waiting, but never feeling sure or complete. Perhaps 2018 is your time to find what you are looking for.

How I Love Found Love

At 56, after being divorced for 20 years, it happened. I met the man of my dreams one night when I wasn’t looking.

I went to a West Coast Swing class. As I entered the room, I saw an important notice, “Tango Class, Instructor from Argentina, One Night Only.” I love Latin music and decided to stay for the class. Good thing I did because he was there.

A few days later, that man and I went on our first day hike. The night followed with a dinner and dancing. Naturally, both of us were hooked. We’ve been together ever since – 4 years dating and 18 years married. And, I still want to keep him.

In fact, at our wedding, after we twirled in the rhythm of the traditional wedding dance, the bandleader said to our guests, “Well, you all know how they met.” At that moment, I picked up the rose I had placed on our table, put it in my teeth, the music started and we danced the tango.

The lesson I learned is that you don’t always know what you can have until you have it. My father died when I was six, after being sick for a few years. My poor mother was faced with a lot of challenges.

That being my family situation, I never knew what it was like to have a family or see parents love each other or work together as a team. I never knew that you could respect and love someone, and that that person should cherish you back. I’m so grateful that I found out. Even if it was at the age of 56.

My Surprise Third Career

I’ve also spent a large part of my life wondering what I was going to do when I grew up. I’ve had a variety of jobs, but I’m always yearning to know what’s next, even though I’m happily doing my current thing.

I’m fortunate to be in my third career at the age of almost 79, which also includes the recent publication of my latest book, Revivement: Having a Life After Making a Living. This latest career also took me by surprise.

A Little History

I returned to college in my early 30s and received my first degree at 36. Newly divorced, and with two children to self-support, I started my first career job in Public Relations.

It was a good match and I enjoyed it for 10 years. But that yearning to do something else took me back to the university into a Master Degree program in Organizational Behavior & Development. That was another good match.

What ensued was a 25-year-long career as a speaker, consultant, trainer and coach for a variety of clients. I was again doing something I loved. However, after the 2008 recession I lost my business.

Since I was already 69, I thought my working days were all over. But, three years ago, when I was once again wondering but not looking, I found my third career. My focus now is retirement life and aging. I’m using all of my honed skills, and I’m having a blast.

Before you start thinking it’s all candy and roses with me, do know that I’ve always given 150% to everything I do, and there have been many ups and downs along the way.

I’m not being a Pollyanna or saying it all has come easy. It hasn’t! What I do know is that I’ve been open to let life in, ride the waves of change and be grateful for the good.

I encourage you to find what you want. Here are a few suggestions to get you there:

  • Show up to what you love doing.
  • Be open to change.
  • Follow your dreams.
  • Learn more about yourself.
  • Discover new skills by trying new things.
  • Hang in when you get discouraged.
  • Be grateful for the good in your life.

May 2018 will be your best year yet!

Are you looking for that special relationship or have you found it? What do you want to be when you grow up or do you know? Please share what’s going on in your life and encourage our readers with your story.

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The Author

Gloria Dunn-Violin is a professional speaker, workshop leader, and author of Revivement: Having a Life After Making a Living. Her 25-year background in organizational behavior and development, constant research and personal experience makes her uniquely qualified to guide retirees on their journey. She also hosted a cable TV talk show and writes for publication. Visit her site at

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