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5 Ways to Look More Youthful (Without Trying to Look 29!)

By Kathy Bates March 11, 2024 Lifestyle

Women get a bad rap as they age. It has nothing to do with you, your worth, or your beauty. Aged beauty is still beauty! It is all about society and the unrealistic expectations it has for any woman to look more youthful. But especially aging women.

The thing is, this toxic culture is changing. It’s evolving.

Women over 50, 60 and beyond are learning that it’s not about trying to be 29 again. Who wants that anyway? It’s about embracing where we are right now. So stop trying to look “young.” Look youthful! And there are so many ways you can begin your journey towards embracing every curve, every laugh line, and every example of your amazing story that shows on your face and body.

Make It Up

You knew I was going to say it: makeup. Take some time to follow some amazing bloggers for older women (like Margaret here at Sixty and Me!) to learn some new techniques and products that work better for changing skin. Getting the right brushes and updating the way you apply your makeup can go a long way to brightening your face and flattering your beautiful features!

And if you don’t wear makeup? Then make sure your skin is healthy and glowing! And while you’re at it? Why not try a new hairstyle and color as well?

Health Matters

Ok, here’s the thing. Your health isn’t just about mammograms and arthritis. (Though those are important too!) Everything that makes up how you feel is about your health. If you are in pain, that shows to the world. Make it a priority to see a doctor about pain relief.

If you are depressed or anxious, that dims the bright light within. Talk to a therapist, or talk to a doctor to consider modern medications to help you manage your mental health. Don’t let old stigmas prevent you from finding your joy again. 

Smile More!

Nope, I’m not trying to push stereotypes on you. What I mean is that your smile tells the world a lot about your confidence and your self-esteem. Greying or yellowing teeth don’t look healthy, so they don’t look youthful. So take some time to visit a dentist, talk about whitening and look into any procedures you need to have done. Veneers, implants and other cosmetic procedures are available, too. Be sure to ask about them; their affordability might surprise you!

Stand Up to the World

I’m not talking about public speaking or becoming an activist. (Although, not a bad idea!) I’m talking about your posture. Stooping shoulders are really common in older women. Our bones and muscles naturally weaken with age. And some of us deal with back and neck pain. But good posture can help you feel better, look more confident, lift your bustline, and even make you look slimmer!

Jump over to YouTube and search “exercises for posture.” Look around until you find one that feels good to you. If after a month or two you don’t see any improvements, try seeing a physical therapist to help you find the right exercises and stretches for you.

Find Your Confidence

What is it that Coco Chanel said? “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” If you are lacking self-confidence, then it’s really hard to feel youthful, isn’t it? Confidence is the biggest component of beauty. How do you get that? Well, it requires digging in and doing some work. Here are some great confidence-building exercises:

Lift Others Up!

Tell that frazzled mom at the supermarket that she’s doing a great job. Compliment the women walking by with the pretty shoes. Bring soup and fresh baked bread to the neighbor with the flu. 

Listen to How You Speak to Yourself

My motto is, if you wouldn’t say it to a granddaughter, then don’t say it to yourself. Take note when you hear yourself say something like, “You’re old.” You’re fat.” You’re a failure.” “What were you thinking?” It’s time to show yourself some kindness.

Rephrase those judgments from your inner critic to something more positive and loving towards yourself. It takes practice, but if you stick with it, your brain will re-learn to speak to you in a way that lifts you up.

Try Something New!

What could that be? Anything! Take lessons. Open a business. (Yes, you can.) Plan a trip. Every experience where you face your fears builds your confidence and self-esteem.

And if you think it can’t be done? Well, Betty White had a great lesson for us. She said, “I may be a senior, but so what? At least I’m hot.” How can we argue with that?

Let’s Have a Conversation:

At what age did you love yourself the most? Why? Are you looking for ways to be young again – or youthful? What has helped you the most on this journey?

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Toni Stritzke

Great article.
Now that I’m not working I’m a member of various art and craft groups and I’ve finally found my tribe.
So much so; an acquaintance said, “ how many art groups do you belong to?”
“Just enough,” I thought.
As one of my lovely artist friends said this afternoon, “us women, we lift each other up!”




Super excellent article Kathy! I just turned 65 and I am thrilled and grateful. Personally I am a better person all around. I am better now than when I was in my 30’s – 40’s. I did not include my 50’s because that is when I started to have a positive growth mindset. I had joined Toastmasters and found my niche. And because of this organization I grew being able speak to audiences, speaking comfortably with people. I have made a personal goal to always say something positive and kind. We generally have a tendency as we get older, to be negative, not uplifting. If we want to grow graceful it is imperative that we have a positive growth mindset inside and out.

Kathy Bates

I love your attitude Tata! You found your way, and that’s amazing!

The Author

Kathy Bates teaches women 50+ who struggle with a positive mindset (who doesn't?) to empower themselves to live an amazing life. She teaches about confidence, style and self-esteem, just for older women!

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