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Reignite the Spark: Try Yoga for Better Sex After 60

By Sixty and Me October 18, 2014 Dating

What if someone told you your sex life could be better after 60 than it was in your 20s?  Many people assume age-related changes in the body mean a decrease in sexual activity or at least sexual ability.

However, many older yogis discover that yoga can help them re-invigorate their sex lives in a variety of ways. Here are a few reasons to try yoga for better sex after 60.

Increased Flexibility

Sometimes older couples find that the combination of one partner’s aches plus the other partner’s chronic pains sharply reduces the options for sharing sexual pleasure.

Regular practice of yoga increases muscular range of motion as well as building strength and enhancing flexibility.

This means that if you attend yoga class regularly, sexual positions you thought you had to eliminate from your repertoire can become accessible again.

You will also find you can shift more easily from one sexual position to another.

Pelvic Muscles

As you advance as a yoga student, your yoga instructor may teach you a kind of yoga lock called mula bandha. Mula bandha can increase your sense of strength and alertness in practicing certain yoga poses.

Since mula bandha involves activating the muscles of the pelvic floor, you learn the same kind of muscle control you would gain from doing kegel exercises.

Enhanced awareness of these muscles can intensify orgasms. The ability to engage these muscles strongly can also help you contribute to your partner’s pleasure.

Partner Yoga

Your yoga teacher can help you learn stretches and poses you perform with another student. Typically, partner poses allow for more intense stretches than the solo version of the same stretch. Performing a yoga pose with someone also requires paying close attention to your partner.

These kind of poses are not inherently sexual and are often performed with a friend or even another student you don’t’ know. However, performing them at home with your spouse/lover can help foster a deeper awareness of each other’s needs.

If you and your partner have been having trouble re-establishing a sense of physical and emotional intimacy after a transition in your lives, partner yoga can be a wonderful tool to draw upon both in the bedroom and elsewhere.

Moving your body in sync with your partner helps the two of you establish a shared sense of rhythm which can be used for sexual activities.

Increased Confidence and Imagination

The combination of all of the above has a “sum greater than the parts” effect. Gaining the ability to shift your limbs into different positions, to have more intense orgasms, and to move your body in tandem with your partner’s may inspire you to try new things.

Have your say! What changes have you experienced in your sex life since turning sixty? Has practicing yoga helped? What are your favorite partner yoga poses? Add your thoughts in the comments section below. 



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