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Losing Weight After 60

Like many women, I have learned the hard way that losing weight after 60 is tricky. This doesn't mean that it's impossible. But, it does mean that it requires a solid commitment to exercise, healthy eating and stress relief.

9 years ago

3 Social Activities to Help You with Losing Weight After 60

According to the women in the Sixty and Me community, losing weight and making new friends are two of the things that we struggle with the most after 60.

I can certainly relate to this. There are days when I sit behind my desk for hours at a time, barely lifting my head for long enough to make a light snack, let alone get to the gym. Whether your weakness is the computer or the TV, I suspect that many of you feel the same. Read More

10 years ago

Hate the Gym? Here are 6 Simple Tips for Losing Weight after 60

Many older women are trying to be more physically active. Some of us want to shed a few extra pounds. Others women just want to improve their overall fitness to get more from life. Unfortunately, losing weight after 60 tends to present a few unique challenges. Read More

10 years ago

How to Stop Emotional Eating – Start with Your Mindset!

When I was in college I had a lot on my mind. Looking back, it seems like I was worried about just about everything in my life. So, every morning, over-stressed and sleep deprived, I would order a cup of coffee and a huge cinnamon bun, dripping with icing. I would devour my 800-calorie “breakfast” in less than five minutes. Honestly, it was almost an addiction. Read More