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Senior Living

7 years ago

What’s Your Take on Continuing Care Retirement Communities?

Imagine a senior living option that takes care of everything. Picture living in a safe, serene and social environment in which your every need, from luxury accommodation to health care, is taken care of. Imagine never having to move again, no matter what happens to your health. These are just a few of the many promises of continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs). Read More

7 years ago

Helping an Elderly Parent Settle Into a Senior Care Facility

Helping your mom or dad to move into a senior care facility can be a stressful, chaotic process. Not only do you have the usual stress that comes with any move, but, you may also have to deal with your loved one’s emotional reaction to being asked to move to a new home. Read More

7 years ago

This Sneaky Trick Will Help You Find a Great Assisted Living Facility

Wow! Choosing an assisted living facility is tough! This was one of the many thoughts that ran through my head as I spoke with one of the women in our community about her experience in finding a senior living facility for her 85-year-old mom.

Sarah (not her real name), explained that she had recently had to move her mother out of her first assisted living community due to some problems with the staff. While not abusive, in her opinion, the staff were neglectful, unfriendly and uninterested in the needs of the residents. Read More

7 years ago

Facing Senior Care Facility Guilt: Should We Feel Bad About Moving Mom?

Moving one or both parents to a senior care facility is an emotional decision for everyone involved. The person moving may feel sad that they are leaving their home behind. They may also feel frustrated that they are being asked to give up some of their independence. Read More

7 years ago

These 3 Senior Living Community Questions Will Make You Angry, but, Ask them Anyway!

There are tons of articles out there to help you pick a senior living community. Does the world really need one more? Yes! The reason that I say this is that most of the senior living content out there focuses on the easy questions – what is included, the different kinds of facilities and the services that they provide. Read More

7 years ago

What is Assisted Living and is it Right for Your Loved One?

For most of our lives, we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about assisted living and nursing home facilities. In our 30s, 40s and even 50s, the people closest to us are, generally speaking, in good health.

The idea that we might, ourselves, need to move to an assisted living community is an even more distant possibility. We simply can’t imagine a time when our mobility, strength, balance or health have declined to the point that we need help with our day-to-day tasks. Read More

8 years ago

5 Essential Questions to Ask When Choosing a Nursing Home for a Loved One

Few milestones in life are harder than deciding whether nursing home care makes sense for a loved one. Unfortunately, as women in our 60s and 70s, many of us will face this decision in the next few years. Whether we have to move one of our parents into a nursing home or are concerned about the health and safety of an older sibling, finding the best possible facility is critically important. Read More

8 years ago

Continuing Care Retirement Communities: Good as Gold or Just Digging for Gold?

In more ways than one, continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) are the “Rolls Royce” of senior living options.

Beyond the usual luxury retirement home benefits, like gourmet meals and spas, they are also equipped to provide health care services. Depending on the contract that you choose, these health services may be included… or they may be charged for on an “as needed” basis. Read More

8 years ago

Don’t Choose an Independent Living Community Until You Ask These 6 Questions

It’s easy to understand the appeal of independent living communities. By the time we reach our 60s and 70s, many of us feel like we want a little extra support. We want to live in a community that helps us to stay social and active. At the same time, we value our independence and aren’t willing to accept invisibility. Read More