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The Only Way to Fight Ageism is with Activism!

By Sixty and Me June 20, 2017 Mindset

The word activist has a strange ring to it. Yet, when the cause is worth it—why not join the movement? In today’s conversation, author and ageism activist Ashton Applewhite will share her thoughts on becoming a part of a community of active women determined to make a difference. Enjoy the show!


Ageing is Living

From the moment we are born, we are ageing. Yet, for some reason, the idea of ageing seems to come with many negative thoughts and attitudes that make us uncomfortable.

We don’t want to think about living alone. We don’t want to talk about getting passed up for a raise or being replaced by someone younger in the workforce. But these problems are not personal problems, unique only to us. Ashton shares that these are “widely shared political problems that require collective action.”

It is time that we work together to do something about it!

Raising Consciousness Starts with Me

We can’t raise consciousness about this overwhelming social, political, and emotional issue until we have truly addressed it ourselves.

We have many questions to ask ourselves. How do I feel about ageing? Where do these negative messages come from? How can I make a difference?

In this interview, Ashton points us to a number of online resources that will help us face our own prejudices against ageing so that we can lead others to do the same.

Responding to this Call to Action

There are a number of simple steps we can take as we join this mass movement against ageism:

  • Call out ageist remarks when you hear them.
  • Get organized and start a local anti-ageism chapter or organization.
  • Do something anti-ageist like starting your own business or interacting with people of all ages

Joining the Revolution

Women have been fighting for the freedom to make their own choices for generations. Today, we have more choices than any group of women in the past so it is important for us to also realize that we have the ability to choose how we relate to our own ageing.

We can choose to proudly embody the confidence and ability that we want others to see in us. We can choose to get onboard and join the fight against ageism.

How do you feel about the idea of starting or joining an ageism activist movement? Where would you go first? Who do you think has the most influence to get such a movement going? Please join the conversation!

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