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This Nightclub for Seniors is Way Over the Top… and That’s Why We Love it!

By Sixty and Me August 05, 2018 News

Quick quiz! What activities pop into your mind when you think the words “senior citizens?” Chances are, even if you are a dynamic, well-rounded older adult yourself, activities like “bingo,” “pinochle,” “knitting” and “scrapbooking” were probably on the tip of your tongue.

Activities like “going to a rave,” “dancing the twist,” “drinking fancy cocktails” and “attending black-tie events” probably weren’t at the top of your list. To be honest, they weren’t at the top of mine either!

Of course, when we have a few seconds to sit back and think about it, we all know that people our age are into a wide range of activities. Some of us really do love to knit or play Bingo (nothing wrong with that!)

But, others among us would love to engage in move dynamic social activities… if we could only find places that wanted to serve us.

What is a “Tea Party Rave?”

Well, if the idea of a “tea party rave” sounds fascinating for you – and you live in the U.K. – I have some good news for you; a new collection of venues, collectively known as “The Posh Club,” are on a mission to reinvent social activities for older adults.

Here’s a quick look at one of their events…


Their model is simple – and SO much fun. Every week, the club hosts a 3-hour events targeted specifically at older adults. The events feature live music, staff in black-tie, cocktails, vintage crockery and plenty of opportunities for dancing.

If you take a look at the video above, I think you’ll see why this is a very different concept than the “social clubs” that our generation is used to.

According to this article in Vice, one woman was having so much fun that she forgot to take her medication and had to be taken to the doctor. Imagine that! A club where taking drugs isn’t the problem… it’s NOT taking your drugs that can get you in trouble!

One of the central goals of the program is to fight back against loneliness. As Dicky, one of the organizers, said to Vice:

“What we’re doing is really an anti-loneliness campaign presented as a club event. A lot of our guests maybe don’t get out as much as they once did and don’t see friends as often. Well, this provides a unique way to do both, while also being part of something that’s vibrant and exciting. Just because you reach a certain age, doesn’t mean you don’t want to have fun anymore. I think society has a habit of forgetting that. A lot of what we, as younger people, do to enjoy ourselves, these guys, they’ve not only seen it and done it all, they invented most of it.”

“Tea Party Raves” Are Just the Beginning!

In addition to its regular events, which often see 100 participants, The Posh Club also organizes “The Posh Taster,” a “Summer Tea Party,” “The Big Sexy Show,” “PC * DC” and a “Pop Up Portrait Party.” These are all events that are targeted at older adults.

For example, in 2017, The Posh Club organized a huge outdoor event, called the “Summer Tea Party.” The event was coordinated by over 100 volunteer servers “doing tea service, contemporary dance, outdoor drag and (running) a great big party.”

“The Big Sexy Show” was a touring show that delved into the complex world or intimacy and love as an older adult. Staring in the show were Kate Lawrence, Jean Jones, Jane Turner, Veronica Roberts, Antonio Psaila and Francis Angol.

Check out this video of “The Big Sexy Show”


Do We Need More Activities Like This?

Right now, The Posh Club is only being organized in the U.K. That said, I would love to see businesses and organizations in countries all over the world take a page from their book.

We all know that loneliness and social isolation are big issues for older adults. The more fun activities that we have to choose from, the better! Don’t you agree?

What are your favorite social activities? Would you be interested in going to an event at The Posh Club, if one were to open near you? Let’s have a chat!

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What a funabulus idea! Would love to know more


Yes! Yes! We need one in Louisville KY


Is there Posh club near me 🙏
In Warwickshire England

Maria Perdomo

Absolutely! Here in the US (I’m in LA) senior activities are not a thing once you are past 50-60. It’s like they forget our existence. ☹️ I would even be willing to be a spearhead in the idea, I don’t know if seniors in the US remember what it’s like to be young.


We want to find a club/dance/ activity
that welcomes older active people that used to be young 🤣

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