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8 Stylish Vegan Handbags for Women Over 50  

By Sandra Roussy September 14, 2023 Beauty

Have you been thinking about going vegan? Or maybe you are already? Plant-based healthy eating is more popular than ever as people are becoming aware and questioning the food industry. What is in your food? Where did it come from? How are the animals treated?

When going vegan you will probably make a conscious decision to stop consuming animal products and bi-products altogether – that is the basic definition of veganism. That means you will likely decide not to wear fur, leather, suede, and feathers – basically everything that once belonged to a living creature.

  1. The Kinsley Tote
  2. The Cottontail Handbag
  3. Purity Collection SABBILG Vegan Satchel
  4. Camden Crossbody Clutch
  5. Brigitte Recycled Vegan Shoulder Bag
  6. Lady Bag 2
  7. Frayme Tote Bag
  8. Cacta Tote

Vegan handbags were initially made of plastic, mostly PVC, which is toxic and not very eco-friendly. This presented a conflict for vegans who are inherently environment and health conscious. New synthetic materials, like eco-polyurethane, are now being used that are less toxic, that are sometimes recycled, and also recyclable. Also, single-use plastic bottles are being recycled to make handbags which removes a lot of plastic waste from our landfills and oceans.

Handbag designers and brands are now even creating items with innovative sources like banana leaves, apple peels, mushrooms, cacti, natural rubber, pineapple scraps, cork, hemp, and other organic materials that are transformed into a material to create vegan leather.

The feel is often soft and natural, and the finish can be matte or shiny like traditional leather and dyed in a variety of colors. The innovations are non-stop, and they’re great for us gals who prefer not to wear animal leather.

I’ve researched vegan handbags and put together a list of non-PVC handbags that are stylish, sustainable, and cruelty-free.

Stylish Vegan Handbags Perfect for Older Women

The Kinsley Tote

The Kinsley Tote

The Kinsley Tote from Pixie Mood is PETA approved vegan leather created out of recycled plastic bottles. It is offered in an assortment of colors and fits a 16” laptop perfectly.

The Cottontail Handbag

The Cottontail Handbag

This super cute handbag is named after the New England CottonTail rabbit that is prevalent in children’s books and is now near extinction.

GUNAS New York is a PETA approved vegan brand. The bag is made out of 100% Vegan textured eco polyurethane, recycled plastic bottles lining, and recycled metal hardware with 18K gold plating. It is offered in various vibrant color combos with a changeable bow trimming.

Purity Collection SABBILG Vegan Satchel

Purity Collection SABBILG Vegan Satchel

Matt & Nat has been my go-to for vegan handbags for over 25 years. They have recently introduced an innovative material, PVB, that is made of 100% recycled windshield glass resin and a more sustainable alternative than PVC.

This handy satchel is made of PVB and comes with a detachable and adjustable crossbody strap. The lining is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Camden Crossbody Clutch

Camden Crossbody Clutch

PETA approved Watson & Wolfe switched to 100% vegan products several years ago and never looked back.

This crossbody clutch is made of premium vegan Italian leather and a rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) woven lining made from recycled plastics. It has a central compartment and zipped interior pocket. Detach the crossbody strap and you instantly have a chic clutch!

Brigitte Recycled Vegan Shoulder Bag

Brigitte Recycled Vegan Shoulder Bag

Melie Bianco believe in doing their part to make the fashion world more friendly for the environment and animals. They produce small batches of their collections in order to reduce waste.

The Brigitte is made of luxury vegan leather that is PVC-free. The intricate basket woven design of the bag creates a soft and casual look.

Lady Bag 2

Doshi uses microfiber and other materials that are durable, recyclable, biodegradable, and sustainable to create their lines of handbags, purses, belts, and other goods.

The Lady Bag 2 is made with microfiber vegan leather exterior and has a microfiber vegan suede lining.

Frayme Tote Bag

Fashion designer Stella McCartney, daughter to animal activist Linda McCartney, leads a sustainable and vegan luxury fashion house where her late mother’s influence is visible in her business choices.

The Frayme Tote Bag is probably out of the price range for many, but I still wanted to add it to the list. The beautiful bag is made of Alter Mat, a vegan alternative to leather.

Cacta Tote


Angela Roi use innovative materials like nopales (cactus) to produce their collections.

The CACTA tote is made of super-soft plant-based cactus vegan leather that is organically grown and harvested in Zacatecas, Mexico.



Let’s Have a Conversation:

Are you vegan? Do you wish to become vegan? Which handbag is your favorite on our list? Do you have a favorite vegan handbag that you want to share with our readers? Comment below.

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Fantastic article, Sandra! (I love the Cottontail.)

Your bio is even more impressive!


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