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Yoga for Seniors: Gently Relax and Soothe Your Joints (Part 1/8): FULL 40-Min Practice!

By Sixty and Me June 15, 2019 Health and Fitness

Are you stiff as a board when you don’t exercise… but bored stiff by traditional exercise programs? You’re not alone! For many women over 60, staying active can be a challenge. Still, if your creaky joints aren’t quite ready for a creaky rocking chair, you’ve come to the right place.

Drawing on more than two decades of experience as a world-renowned yoga instructor, Cat Kabira has created a series of Sixty and Me videos to accommodate the physical changes our aging bodies have experienced.

What sets these videos apart is Cat’s eagerness to share the benefits of yoga with everyone, regardless of age or physical limitations. In her words, yoga “… has always been a practice for everyone… it’s a practice that celebrates the body, celebrates the mind.”

Sometimes, she says, “… my students will share with me, ‘Cat, I’m not flexible enough!’“

Her response? “Well, that’s why you come to yoga!”

So, if aching joints have been keeping you from enjoying life after 60 as much as you’d like, begin restoring them with this initial video. In it, Cat will guide you through the practice of asana — low-impact yoga movements.

You’ll gently re-energize your joints, focus on your breathing and reconnect with your body. All without any joint- contorting pretzel poses!

You’ll end by reinforcing your renewed body/mind/spirit connection with a brief relaxation session.

Repeating this workout over time will support your joints with improved muscle strength and blood flow. But its benefits won’t end there.

Experience the Wizardry

Picture Judy Garland as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, lubricating the Tin Man’s rusty joints with his oil can before they go skipping off down the Yellow Brick Road.

Your joints may not be made of tin, but they do contain internal “oil cans” filled with thick, slippery synovial fluid. It’s what nourishes the cushions of cartilage that stop your bones from rubbing together.

Cat’s video includes two yoga movements chosen to stimulate synovial fluid production. On days when skipping anywhere sounds like a bridge too far, practicing them just might put the spring back in your step!

Yoga for Seniors Should Be Energizing, Not Exhausting

By the age of 60, many of us are storing years of accumulated stress in our necks and shoulders. This can actually exacerbate our stress response, creating a physically and emotionally exhausting cycle that’s hard to overcome.

With Cat’s guidance, you’ll learn to hold your shoulders down and away from your ears. The result? A freed-up, head-to-toes flow of energy as the built-up tension and ongoing stress response disappear.

Getting Started… Without All the Fuss

Forget the pants, mat and other “trendy’ yoga paraphernalia; for Cat’s workout, comfy, non-restrictive clothing and pillows to support your knees during the relaxation pose are enough.

If you balance is shaky – and at retirement age, whose isn’t from time to time? – have a chair, wall or tree nearby for support. You can even complete most of the movements while seated.

Need to slow the playback speed? If you’re viewing the video on a computer, click on the Settings icon (the little gear-shaped one) and then
“Playback speed” in the lower right-hand corner of the video.

Enjoy your gentle yoga for seniors practice!

Watch the FREE gentle yoga for seniors video at the top of this page, or, to order a DVD of the entire series, visit this page.

How does Cat’s presentation compare to other yoga experiences you’ve had? If you’re a newcomer, what do you think of her approach to yoga for seniors? Please share your impressions in our conversation!

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