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You Won’t Believe the Retirement Property (Mansion!) These 7 Women Bought Together

By Sixty and Me May 31, 2020 Managing Money

What do you do if you have modest savings but want to live like a millionaire in retirement? You could play the lottery (bad idea!) Or, you could follow the example of these 7 Chinese retirees, who pooled their money to buy a breathtakingly beautiful mansion!

A Retirement Dream Becomes Reality

In 2018, the 7 friends were chatting about their future retirement plans. Like many pre-retirees, they were concerned about whether they would be able to make ends meet as they got a little older. They also wanted to find ways to stay social in the best years of their lives.

As they talked, one woman joked that it would be wonderful just to buy a house together. This way, they could live in comfort, while being surrounded by good friends.

Time passed and, for many years, their retirement dream remained just that… a dream! Then, 10 years later, they decided to get serious about looking for a property.

As one of the women said, “We went back to Guangzhou and started to look for a place in the suburban area. This is a natural area and the house is located at the end of the village… We were colleagues and sometimes we’re even closer than siblings.”

So, pooling $584,000, the women purchased and remodeled a house on the outskirts of their dream village. As the following video shows, the results are absolutely stunning.

A Dream Property… Perfect for Grandmas and Grandkids

The 7 women didn’t just purchase a property. They set out to create the perfect environment for their retirement. They also wanted it to integrate seamlessly into the environment. As one woman said, “We think of it as a glass in a field.”

Over the course of several months, the property, which started as a 4-story red brick building was transformed into a floating castle of glass and steel, framed by white walls.

With three sides of the building completely surrounded by fields, the building feels like it is a sparkling oasis in a sea of green… yet it somehow also managed to feel “at home” in its natural surroundings.

Creative Co-living is a Massive Trend… and it’s Accelerating!

The story of these 7 creative and bold women is inspiring… but, it is not unique. All over the world, seniors are pooling their resources to squeeze every ounce of happiness out of their retirement years.

For example, in Japan, these two women partnered with local architect, Issei Suma, to create a teepee inspired co-living retirement home. The results were spectacular.


In addition, the tiny house movement is allowing retirees to live together on a single plot of land, while still maintaining a decent amount of privacy.

Is co-living for everyone? Absolutely not! But, if you are the kind of person who loves being around others, it might be your cup of tea. And, regardless, the financial benefits of co-living are difficult to ignore!

Would you ever consider pooling your money with your friends to purchase a dream retirement property? Why or why not?

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