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Our Six Favorite Magazines for Women Over 60

Sixty and Me - Our Six Favorite Magazines for Women Over 60
Margaret Manning

Part of my inspiration for starting Sixty and Me was the feeling that too many media outlets do not devote enough attention to women over 60. I feel that we are too often invisible on magazine covers and on TV shows, and our voices too often are not being heard. I wanted to create my own community of wonderful women over 60 to share our stories, learn from each other, and help women over 60 lead more financially independent, personally fulfilling, healthy and connected lives.

While the mainstream media still has a long way to go, there are fortunately several great magazines that do a wonderful job of sharing stories and connecting women over 60 with worthwhile information and resources.

Here are a few of Sixty and Me’s favorite magazines for women over 60:

Real Simple

Real Simple is a beautifully produced, smartly written magazine that is not exclusively “for” women over 60, but contains lots of great articles that often are of interest to women our age. Real Simple is dedicated to helping people live simpler, peaceful, uncluttered lives. Every issue has great tips for how to cook healthy, affordable meals at home (minimizing time in the kitchen and maximizing nutrition and flavor), how to find great deals on fashion, cosmetics and other essentials to help you feel more beautiful and stylish, and how to create a more fulfilling life. There are many inspiring stories in Real Simple about friendship, building community, nurturing families, and finding strength and motivation to achieve great things in your career and in your life.


More Magazine is for “women of style and substance.” It’s a smart, entertaining magazine that has everything from financial advice to celebrity interviews to fashion trends – but often with an emphasis on women age 50 and up. Check out More Magazine if you want to get “more” out of life over 60.

O, the Oprah Magazine

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most beloved media personalities in America, with a long-running TV talk show that recently ended. O is the magazine that extends Oprah’s lifestyle brand to the printed page and online. Oprah’s magazine is great for women over 60 because it addresses a lot of the same issues and interests that women our age tend to be concerned with – health, financial advice, relationship advice, spirituality, fashion, and inspiring stories of how to get more out of life and how to be our best possible selves. If you love Oprah Winfrey, you will love O Magazine.

Sensationally Sexy and Over 50

This magazine is relatively new on the scene, but I’m intrigued by it because it addresses one of the biggest misconceptions about women our age – that we’re not interested in fashion, beauty, sensuality, and style. Sensationally Sexy and Over 50 is dedicated to fighting stigmas about getting older, and reminding people of all the ways that women our age can still be sensationally sexy.


This online magazine focuses on the positive aspects of aging and offers advice and ideas on everything from health, fitness, beauty, fashion, and home management, to business, relationships and faith. Similar to the mission of Sixty and Me, LivingBetter50+ is dedicated to helping women our age live better physically, emotionally and spiritually.

AARP Magazine

The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) is one of America’s biggest organizations for people who have reached retirement age (whether or not they are technically “retired” yet). In addition to great discounts on senior travel, the AARP Magazine also offers insightful interviews and articles on how to boost your brain power, where to find great recipes, and compelling celebrity profiles that might make you seriously consider making some changes in your life. (For example – a recent AARP magazine article about former President Bill Clinton explained why he decided to become a vegan and shared some of his favorite vegan recipes.)

What are your favorite magazines? Do you still find magazines relevant when they appeal to women our age as an “age group,” or do you mostly like to read magazines that suit your interests and cover your hobbies? Or join the conversation in the Sixty and Me Forum.

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  1. I agree with you that their aren’t enough media outlets for women of 60. We need to speak up.

  2. I don’t have one.

  3. Oprah

  4. In Holland there is a magazin called ZIN is also good for men above 50-60 and woman.

  5. SFX, SCI FI now and Writing Magazine.

  6. would like something other than Glamer. that is directed to 30-somethings.

  7. Really like the Canadian mag Zoomer. Good articles aimed at over 50’s

  8. Catherine Speechley-Pell Good ideas and thoughts! :-)

  9. Yours and more yours

  10. You are so right

  11. Never buy womens magazines because ,although may have one good article , they are full of recipes! Has the first world become food obsessed ? Fifty ways to place a pickled onion! Then there is the rich and poor clothing copy cat clothing page….you know, this cost a million at some flash shop but you can pick it up from the cheap shop for 2 dollars……they were both made in the same factory and have different labels! Anything touching on the Royal family gives me a rash! Occasionally , BORROW, garden and home design magazines from the library, and ignore the recipes! I do like The Economist and Time though….from the library these days!

  12. It’ not that one !! No it’ s a nice Mag with a lot of nice and interesting things for our age. Clothes , travelling, makeup etc

  13. @Sixty and Me : This mag is not only political if you have time you will see it. It is a mixture of many interesting articals ! My opinion . Cause I have read it….:-) I mean the Swedish mag M.


  15. Good advice!

  16. Never read any of them. My favourites are Country Living, Country Homes, Country Smallholding and Home Farmer.<3.<3.:).

  17. I don’t read magazine

  18. Time

  19. titles:
    – boosting your financial – continuing financial planning
    – healthy recipes for 1 or 2
    – hobbies & crafts (other than knitting and crochet) + I stumbled over a fascinating craft the other day that really requires NO talent- parchment paper cards (called Pergamano)
    – music articles musicians and their history and music
    – dating and sex
    – helping your grown children see you as a woman able to make decisions
    – health issues for older women (and the men they love)
    -downsizing and the decisions on what to keep and what to toss
    – dealing with the hurts of your past
    – returning to school
    – Sustainable socially responsible presents for Grandchildren
    – clothing for travel
    – car maintenance
    – vacations on a budget
    – photos of beautiful places
    – roommates??? (trying to convince my 84 yr old mom to live with a girlfriend instead of the 2 of them toddling back and forth between houses everyday)(although it is exercise)
    – how and when to make decisions to move to a Senior’s residence or care facility
    – dealing with elderly parents
    that’s it— I’m done but could probably think of 10 more

  20. Of these I subscribe to AARP & O… both full of relevant & interesting content. I believe exposure to other age groups is just as beneficial if we are all to relate as ‘sisters’. For example, Good Housekeeping focuses on important issues of value for me, my children & grandchildren.

  21. A swedish mag called M for women over 60

  22. These are obviously all American magazines,as i love mags and cant see any i know. But do we over 60s need special magazines then, unless we stop this idea that being over 60 seems to make you a completely different person, ageism will continue.,It doesent, you are just you over 60. The TV programne in the Uk “Fab fashionists” made this point well i think. I dont want special anything cause im over 60 i just want people to stop thinking cause i am, im an aged frump who doesent want to enjoy herself anymore. The only thing that stops me doing anything is i dont have the funds to do them, when our governments seem uninterested in either giving decent pensions, so jobs can be for the young or if they dont want to do that, make sure their are plenty of jobs for all even if over 60. I think most british magazines now do accept the fact us over 60s are no longer “old dears” and ac cept we like being fashionable.doing things and are really no different to our younger selves.

  23. All magazines are full of rubbish adverts and expensive. Most of the article are written by young numpties that think anyone over 60 should be in a home.

  24. AMEN Sista….!!!!!

  25. I dont think there are any mags that deal with over 60s except perhaps Yours Mag which does have bits about older people !

  26. Have you actually read any of these? Do they actually show real over-60 women with wrinkles and sags and blemishes? Do they tell how to make do on a fixed income of just Social Security? Just wondering.