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Career Advice and Jobs for Women Over 50 – Interview with Kerry Hannon

Margaret Manning

Kerry Hannon is an expert on personal finance and careers for boomer women and is my special guest in this episode of the Sixty and Me Show. Kerry is a writer for Forbes magazine and Next Avenue and is AARP’s Jobs Expert. Kerry is also the author of the best-selling book Great Jobs for Everyone 50+: Finding Work That Keeps You Happy and Healthy … And Pays the Bills.

In our discussion, we talk about the need for women over 60 to create financial security in their lives and the challenges that they might face when looking for a new job. We discuss how to take positive steps to deal with being laid off, taking an early retirement, or the need to supplement a pension. Kerry also shares some great ideas for women wanting to pursue a brand new encore career or set up their own freelance business.

Kerry also offers some practical advice for how to think creatively about online business opportunities, seasonal work and launching a freelance business based on something you love. She also reminds us about the details of starting a new business including taxes and other legal requirements.

Enjoy the Show – I hope it will be helpful for you!


Make sure to check this out

I highly encourage you to check out Kerry’s website and many inspirational books:

Great Jobs for Everyone 50+: Finding Work That Keeps You Happy and Healthy … And Pays the Bills, by Kerry Hannon

What’s Next? Updated: Finding Your Passion and Your Dream Job in Your Forties, Fifties and Beyond, by Kerry Hannon

Kerry Hannon on AARP

Kerry Hannon on Forbes

Kerry Hannon on Next Avenue

Other Resources

Here are some of the websites that Kerry recommends to start with if you are thinking about establishing your freelance career: – an online marketplace where jobs are posted and freelancers bid on them – you can find a lot of writing and translation jobs there. – a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique hand-made goods. – a place where you can offer a service that uses your skills – voice-over for an advertising, designing an invitation, and so on.

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  1. πολυ ωραια

  2. I retired from my Counselling Practice when I was 64 mainly because of ill health. I then took up creative writing and water colour painting. I love both and eventually completed writing my first book and self-published. My aim was to have it in print before I hit my 70th birthday which I have done. My biggest problem now if having enough belief in my novel to stand up and really sell itl I have had good feedback and have been requested to write a sequel which I am attempting to do. Don’t earn money, but am fulfilled.

  3. I want to open a small gym for over 60 in an empty shop.

  4. I am 61 and I desparetly want to start up my Reiki Practice again and get back into painting and like you Pamela I would love to publish either a book of my Poetry or to write a short story. But I am clueless how to begin…I worked all my life in the Medical field then I was forced to retire due to health problems which put me on disability unfortunately. I have to now look at my life in a much different perspective. I admire you Ladies who have made your dreams your realities…BRAVO to you all!!!

  5. Good advice.

  6. I always wanted to be a mom fore most and I am then I was going to be a June Taylor dancer……LOL I loved to dance still do. No big plans for a career to me being a mom was something special and very important.

  7. An airline stewardess. :)

  8. Lots of things that weren’t for women in those days–a vet, a stewardess (not proper), a pro .athelete

  9. A veterinarian.

  10. An actress.

  11. A singer !

  12. A teacher, and I was for 24 years LOL x

  13. A wife and mum. There were few other options 70 years ago. Now I would choose to be a.midwife. I did love being a wife and mum.

  14. Read a book about Clara Barton! Trained as a nurse and worked for 30 + years!

  15. A writer. Now that I’m retired, I am writing a novel (thanks to the encouragement of my writing club). :)

  16. A Teacher in elementary school

  17. Wanted to be a nurse but never was, when I think about it now I would have made an awful nurse in my opinion. :)

  18. I wanted to be a vet. When I mentioned this at school to what must have been the first careers adviser ever she told me not to be silly!!!!!!!
    Obviously not deemed a women’s profession in those days but it floored me completely and probably changed my course in life…….

  19. A teacher, but never became one. I eventually went into the educational field and became an educational assistant though.

  20. A Dress designer or an Opera Singer But could not train for either No funds Too late now in my 70

  21. A nurse!

  22. a nurse

  23. A rock star !

  24. Didn’t have a life plan at that age. I think alcohol may have been to blame. Lo

  25. Airline Stewardess.

  26. A big girl.

  27. I thought if I was a boy I’d want to be a lawyer, but in 1964 no one encouraged a girl to be a lawyer. My Mom wanted me to be a teacher but I wasn’t interested.

  28. a veterinarian…

  29. To grow up

  30. A police woman

  31. A mum

  32. A mother

  33. A ballerina!

  34. Air hostess ..seemed lovely job at time !! My dad wanted me to be bean gardai….i ended up working in large bookstore and tgen became florist and decorator…loved all my work …..

  35. … a farmer…

  36. Miss America

  37. Hair dresser, but religious constraints wouldn’t allow, besides in those days girls weren’t encouraged to work. Oh how I’d love to do it all again, such high aims the women today can aim for

  38. A spatial engineer

  39. A lawyer and I did it in my 30s. Also a nun but I’m still working on that one!

  40. I wanted to work on Star Trek’s Enterprise and visit new worlds.

  41. I was still unfocused at that young age…

  42. Safe!

  43. A doll’s house that l could not have

  44. Teacher, singer, dancer.

  45. butlins redcoat xx

  46. A nurse

  47. A nurse & was one for 28 yrs.

  48. I wanted to be a fairy!

  49. be loved!

  50. Loans officer at a bank so I could help people from all walks of life financially. So I thought

  51. A teacher from about 8 years of age . I did become one too .

  52. I always thought, I would be someone in control of herself.
    It is been very hard and lonely, but, I am that person

  53. Work for Military and I did.

  54. A nurse but I coudn’t afford to do it as the bus fares were too expensive for me to get to Bath. I’m glad I didn’t now though after spending a lot of the past thirty years in hospitals, as I could never to do other people what I’ve had done to me, I couldn’t stick a needle in someone to save my life although I don’t mind them myself now, I got used to it.

  55. to be a farmeress, and to grow things.

  56. I wanted to be a cowboy. At least I do have horses.

  57. A nun

  58. I desperately wanted to be a nurse and i was. I do not regret my decision. mostly I learned more from all my patients that I could ever give.