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10 Active Holiday Options for Women Over 60 Who Like to Be on the Move

By Sue Rudolph September 19, 2019 Travel

You don’t have to be 20-something to enjoy an active holiday, and you don’t have to be super fit either. If you enjoy walking, cycling, or simply prefer to be more active than the traditional by-the-beach-break, then I’ve got some ideas that might interest you.

Walking the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is picturesque and walking amongst the hillside towns and alongside lemon groves are experiences not to be missed. Take in the Bay of Naples, Pompeii, and Mount Vesuvius too. Stay at local family-run hotels and enjoy local food and wine.

Snorkeling in Mexico

Turtles, eagle rays, and tropical fish await you in the ocean, but Mexico’s cenotes are truly unforgettable. The stunning sinkholes and turquoise pools are otherworldly; magical limestone formations framed by jungle.

Cycling in Vietnam

From fishing villages, rice terraces, jungle, and white sand beaches, Vietnam has some superb scenery enjoyable from your bike seat – and the roads are great. Rest at a tropical island retreat and sample traditional food along the way. Finish off your tour cruising in Halong Bay.

Sailing in Greece

If life aboard appeals to you, Greece is a great place for a holiday. For beginners, it’s an easy location to sail, and you can join a flotilla, which means you’ll have support as well as guidance. If you’re not quite ready to take the helm, book a cabin instead and see how you fare.

Cycling the Dalmatian Coast

Croatia has thousands of miles of coastline and some of the clearest waters in the Mediterranean. If you’re looking for peace, dramatic scenery, and good roads, the Dalmatian Coast could be just what you are looking for.

Seaside towns, medieval villages, and pebble bays lead you to the walled city of Dubrovnik.

Canal Boat Holiday in England

While this may not be technically classified as active, piloting a canal boat, mooring up, and passing through lock gates require a little more effort than turning a page or lifting a drink!

And if you don’t fancy hiking or cycling, messing about on the river is a happy compromise. Anyone can captain a barge, and England has thousands of miles of rivers and canals to explore, all with towpaths leading to country pubs.

Mont Blanc Highlights

Enjoy the best views in this outstanding area by foot but return to your alpine cabin to relax in your hot tub every night. Schedules include time to explore Chamonix and glimpse the Mer de Glace Glacier from Montenvers.

Hiking the Inca Trail

Yes, you can go up the Inca Trail if it sounds fascinating to you. If you enjoy walking and have a reasonable level of fitness, take some time to put in some extra miles and increase your stamina and endurance.

Look for tours designed to take the pace slowly and remember, you only have to carry your daypack. The porters take care of everything else.

Walk the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago was a pilgrimage dating back to the 10th century. Today the routes attract pilgrims and adventurers alike with many opting to undertake anything from day walks to 5-week adventures.

There are different routes and so many options for you to take part of that there will be a section and duration to suit you.

Join a Volunteer Program

Maybe the idea of doing something useful has captured your imagination. Voluntourism allows you to experience local culture and help initiatives that affect it too.

If there’s a cause you feel strongly about, there’s very likely to be a program looking for help. You’ll return home not only with some great memories but the feel-good sense that you made a difference.

Tips for Choosing the Right Active Holiday for You

If you do a particular activity regularly, then translating this to a holiday should be relatively easy. Pay attention to length and durations required and ensure that you are capable of performing at your best.

You might need to do some extra training to increase your stamina to make your holiday experience more enjoyable.

If you are new to an activity, look for easier itineraries and those aimed at a slower pace. To ensure you are fit to enjoy your holiday, take some time to prepare and train and make sure you get guidance from the operators.

What activities do you enjoy? Would you like to go on a holiday and still be active? Which location sounds the most appealing to you? Please share in the comments below.

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