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10 Autumn Aspirations to Help You Get More from Life After 60

By Carol Hedges September 04, 2022 Lifestyle

So it’s Autumn (or will be in a couple of weeks), a season of mists and something somethings, as the poet says. (No, he doesn’t, but that’s the best I can do).

It is therefore time for this creaky post-60 writer to think about drawing up my list of new year resolutions.

Some people make new year resolutions in January. I make Autumn ones. I think it’s because I used to work as a teacher and the new school year starts in September. So, for me, Autumn is the “New Year.” So here goes. My resolutions are:

Learn to Layer

I will resist spending my pension on a trans-seasonal wardrobe. Instead, I shall just put on an extra cardigan.

Ignore Trends

Ditto the latest “fragrance.” (As an aside, have you noticed how the word fragrance has replaced scent or perfume?) I actually saw an assistant in one of the big department stores wearing a badge with the title “Fragrance Consultant.” Madness.

Resist “Buy Me” Words

I will red-light all those subtle “buy me” words that sneak under our radar and make us long for stuff we really don’t need to have. In this category are words like: Wear a … Invest in a … Trade in your … Embrace your … Retire your…

Goodbye Good Housekeeping

I will cancel my subscription to Good Housekeeping. I am fed up with the way older women are photo-shopped in their fashion and feature shoots. Yes, I have complained. No, they didn’t take it on board. There is enough pressure on us to look young. Presenting us with totally wrinkle-free 60- and 70-year-olds is just not helping.

Stand by My Social Media Friends

I will go on piling in on social media when I see someone I follow or who follows me being bullied. Troll me back? Yeah – bring it on, dude!

Stop Worrying

I will stop sweating the small stuff. If the bus doesn’t come, I can walk. Ditto if the car won’t start.

Say No to Super Foods

I will refuse to get sucked into the super foods shtick. Instead I will eat as healthily as I can, appreciating what is on my plate. I will remember that so many people in this world, and this country, go to bed hungry.

Hug My Virtual Friends

I will try to make sure all my friends KNOW how much I appreciate them by taking time in the next few months to send them a quick email, text or tweet to say so.

Give Thanks

I will “count my blessings.” This includes no return of my cancer and a lovely supportive husband – we have just celebrated 44 years of marriage. A wonderful daughter, two gorgeous grandchildren and an acceptable level of sanity.

Live with Pride

I will resolve to wear my life proudly and be the best version of myself that I can reasonably manage.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What small things do you plan on doing this autumn to improve and renew your life? What do you like most about this season? Please join the conversation.

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I agree with ‘don’t swear the small stuff’, but if the bus doesn’t come you could WALK?? Where are you going? To the shopping centre 3 suburbs away?? To the supermarket for the weekly shop? Not likely!! Just saying……
And it’s spring in Australia—the days are getting longer, & warmer, there are flowers blooming everywhere. Really the time of renewal. Even if you have to call a cab….

Robin McCarthy

Love your positivity! May it radiate to all!




Same here

Marie klingler

Thank you!! I really needed this!!

The Author

Carol Hedges is the successful author of fifteen novels for teenagers and adults. She is a cancer survivor, a vintage car driver, a cat owner and a doting grandma. She blogs on her website and posts on Facebook and Twitter about her life, her writing and minding her small granddaughter.

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