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The Spiritual Gardener’s Guide to Growing Your Dream

By T. Kari Mitchell July 05, 2022 Lifestyle

What dream do you still have tucked away in your heart that you would like to realize? Just thinking about your dream won’t bring it to fruition. You have to plant the seed for your prize, nourish it, caress it, and allow space for it to bloom. In other words, you must set a positive intention and actively engage in dream-building activities.

Faith without works is dead.

— James 2:26

Metaphorically, the manifestation of a dream can be compared to the process of growing a lovely tulip garden. First you conceive the idea. “I want a tulip garden.” You select the bulbs and plant them in the soil, during the most promising season.

Next, you water and fertilize what you put faith in. And then you forget about your tulips or “allow” the bulbs to take root and grow. Weeks later… voila! You see the first evidence of your faith breaking ground. And after your glorious flowers spring forth, you must provide tender loving care in order for them to flourish.

Similarly, you must sow the bulb of your grandest desire. Yes, you conceived the idea, but you need to do more than wish upon your dream. What have you done to move your dream along? Do you have a gardening plan? The following guide may put you in a fruitful field.  

Here is the spiritual gardener’s seven-step process for growing a dream:

Plant the Seed for Your Dream

Commit to your success! Write an affirmation for your intention and read it aloud daily. Begin with I AM. This establishes your positive and personal stance for manifesting your desire. For example, “I am a prolific and prosperous artist who uses her talents to inspire others.”

Water and Feed Your Dream

Become a perpetual student of art. Staying current in your field is essential to your growth. Enroll in art classes to perfect your skills and get involved in community activities that relate to your craft. Nourish your skills by prioritizing lifelong learning.

Allow Your Dream Room to Bloom

Just as you need to plant your tulip bulbs three inches apart, don’t plant your dream in such a tight space that it can’t expand. In other words, don’t be so attached to an outcome or a time frame that you miss great opportunities that are regularly presented to you.

Be flexible, open and enthusiastic about the process. Expect to be pleasantly surprised by all the blessings headed your way.

Introduce Your Dream to Others

I always say we never get where we’re going without the help of others. Invite friends, relatives and community leaders to share your joy and excitement. Offer to be of service at special events, and volunteer to participate in shows and exhibits. Connect with local schools, public libraries, and galleries, and ask how you can support their interests through art.

Take a Calculated Risk for Your Dream

As you’re being called to your higher self, you must summon the courage to face your fears and take calculated risks. Stepping out into uncharted territory will present challenges, because you’ve never sculpted a masterpiece like this before.

Grant yourself permission to lean into your discomfort. That’s how you overcome fear and gain strength. Just remember: If you never explore a new canvas while your knees are knocking, you’ll never know what you’re made of.

Don’t Struggle or Stress Over Your Dream

Release your dream. Visualize that it has already been accomplished! You’re doing your part. Allow Spirit to work on your behalf. Metaphysical author Thomas Troward said, “…we must remove from such contemplation any idea of a strenuous effort on our part to make the seed grow.” The key here is fortitude.

Our experienced gardeners know that you plant tulips in the fall, and they come up in the spring. So, even though it may seem like a long time for your dream to manifest, you have to remain poised and patient during the process. Get into the flow. Have faith and be assured that you are on the right track. And don’t be surprised if you manifest something more splendid than you expected.

Express Gratitude for Your Dream

Spend quiet time in nature reflecting on your bountiful blessings. You may not be where you want to be, but you’re now living your life on purpose. Express appreciation for your progress, the connections you’ve made and the opportunities that you’ve been gifted.

Become keenly aware of the subtle, divine messages that are revealed in your quiet time. Although you don’t need a reason to regularly celebrate life, create a special moment to do your happy dance for victories, large and small.

You are amazing! You have gifts and talents to share with the world, and you are an inspiration for others who want to travel their sacred path. Adopt a life that defies age and limitations. There’s no limit to what you can achieve in this lifetime.

The tagline for my business, Lifestyle 120, is, “Nourish. Transform. Flourish.” Unleash your power and prosper, fearless femme! This is your most promising season. Your time for planting the seeds for your future is now!

What dream are you currently pursuing? Why is it important that you fulfill this dream? Tell about the progress you’re making and the obstacles you may be facing.

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