T. Kari Mitchell (TK), founder of Lifestyle 120, is an Inspired Aging Motivational Speaker & Integrative Wellness Coach. TK is dedicated to helping mature women flourish. Her Sprout Your New Life course provides women with tools to reclaim their health, confidence, purpose, and power so they can rock their golden years. Connect with TK at tk@lifestyle120.com.

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1 month ago

Don’t Relinquish Your Perfectionist Tendencies – Establish New Standards Instead!

How many times have you been admonished to release your perfectionist tendencies? I’ve often taken this advice to heart, and with pride, declared, “Today, I’m relinquishing my perfectionist queen crown forever!”

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3 months ago

6 Ways to Grow Your God-Given Talents – for Yourself and for Others

What are your strengths? What are you really good at? Have people praised you when you’ve used a particular skill? What can you do easily that others find challenging? If you have trouble answering these questions…

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4 months ago

Swap New Year Resolutions for Sustainable Lifestyle Changes That Focus on Spiritual Principles

At the beginning of each year, many people make lofty health and wellness goals and are disappointed when they have trouble keeping their promises. It can be super frustrating to have high expectations about achieving lifestyle goals only to see them…

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5 months ago

6 Mindful Strategies to Begin and End Your Day with Positivity and Purpose

Have you ever wondered how to sustain feelings of joy and peace? What are the long-term advantages of living life affirmatively? Mindset and attitude are critical. Your thoughts and words have power and can help set the tone…

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5 months ago

12 Self-Care Rituals for the Holidays

The holidays tend to be an incredibly busy time. Many people seem to be moving at an accelerated pace with an increased sense of urgency, and this time of year can be demanding and stressful as people run around checking off items on their to-do list…

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6 months ago

Shangri-la Your Way: Seven Ideas for Living Heaven on Earth

I’m intrigued by the mythical land of Shangri-la – that magical location that symbolizes perfection. James Hilton talked about it in his 1933 novel, Lost Horizon, and song lyrics have referenced that idyllic place where you experience a perpetual…

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8 months ago

Reach Higher: A Four-Step Process to Facilitate Positive Change

Initiating positive pivots can be challenging and requires commitment and planning. Has the pandemic caused you to make shifts in your daily habits? How’s it going? Changes that have staying power are the ones we have personally invested in…

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9 months ago

Risks Worth Taking Require Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone While Honoring Your Authentic Self

If you want to accomplish your life goals, experience success in your endeavors, and enjoy a life worth living, you must be willing to step outside your comfort zone. Browse the subject online, and you will find plenty of resources on the value…

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10 months ago

Time Out – The Powerful Benefits of Daily Dancing

We all know the importance of taking breaks throughout the day to keep us refreshed and energized. What do your daytime breaks look like? Are they satisfying? Whether you need a break from your work or a brief intermission from sitting too long…

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11 months ago

Signs of Animal Spirit Guides in Times of Uncertainty

I was sitting in my favorite chair, pen poised over notepaper, wondering how to introduce this heartwarming post, when I caught a glimpse of a large shadow moving past my living room window. I glanced outside but didn’t see anything unusual…

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