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6 Mindful Strategies to Begin and End Your Day with Positivity and Purpose

By T. Kari Mitchell December 20, 2021 Mindset

Have you ever wondered how to sustain feelings of joy and peace? What are the long-term advantages of living life affirmatively?

Mindset and attitude are critical. Your thoughts and words have power and can help set the tone for how your day unfolds. I’d like to share the framework for my simple and effective daily spiritual practice that has supported me over the years and that may inspire you to begin and end each day with positivity and purpose.

Shape your day with six lifestyle strategies that will help you build strength, resilience, and hope in the midst of uncertainty. Don’t think of these pivots as separate entities or stand-alones. They are all interconnected and can become seamless habits if practiced regularly.

Morning Mindset

What is the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning? Set your intention for the day before getting out of bed. Be thankful for the gift of another day.

Each morning before rising, I recite Psalm 118:24, “This is the day the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Create a morning mantra that has special meaning for you. Then decide what is yours to do today. What’s on your agenda? What can you accomplish in the hours you have been given? Rise up with enthusiasm.

Inspirational Readings

What kinds of books are on your nightstand? Positive passages from a sacred text or magazine can help determine your attitude for the day.

Various types of daily guides are available in a format of your choice: book, audio, or online subscription. For years, I have enjoyed the messages from Daily Word Magazine and Science of Mind Magazine. Choose a collection that will inspire you to be your best before you start your day.

Periodic Pauses

Do you schedule quiet time throughout the day? Take time to listen to your inner voice and practice your conscious breathing. It’s in this place of stillness that you’re able to reconnect to your authentic self.

Nature is an important component of my spiritual practice, and I invite you to look to nature for peace and inspiration. It provides an excellent setting for meditation and reflection.

Some of my most brilliant ideas emerged under the trees. Where is your sacred refuge? Is it a special space in your home? Visit that place for brief periods throughout the day to reenergize your spirit.

Graciously Grateful

How often do you practice thanksgiving? Is it only when things are going well? How would it feel to be graciously grateful year-round? Gratitude invites us to recognize and acknowledge the small things that touch our lives in a significant way. Express appreciation for the triumphs AND the challenges.

I have discovered that breakthroughs usually occur in my mess. It wasn’t until I embraced my challenging seasons for what they offered in my own personal development that I began to witness more blessings in my life.

Bountiful Blessings

How have you been demonstrating love? Spread your goodness beyond family and friends. I share this often: When I leave home each day, I set my intention on being a serotonin dispensary – greeting people with a smile and a compliment.

Have you noticed that when you positively interact with others while out shopping, you not only lift yourself, but you also warm the heart of another person? Spreading kindness is highly contagious. It makes us feel vibrant and joyful. Blessing others may seem like a small gesture, but this selfless act contributes to a more peaceful world.

Evening Reflections

What are your evening activities? Consider establishing a positive nighttime ritual. Do you keep a journal? Take inventory of your day. Reflecting on your daily blessings is a great way to prepare for a restful night.

Maybe you’d enjoy composing a gratitude note and sending it to a dear friend or relative. Or perhaps you may want to end the day the same way you began – reading uplifting stories. Feels good, doesn’t it?

I’d like to encourage you to welcome each day with joyful expectation. Beginning and ending your day with positivity and purpose is a conscious choice. We all face challenges, and this year has been especially unsettling. But we have the power to free ourselves from the limits of unpredictable circumstances, and we don’t have to be discouraged by unfavorable situations.

I have found that daily spiritual practices help to keep me strong and resilient in the calm and in the storm.

In what ways do you daily express positivity and purpose? Do you have a morning routine that helps to establish the tone for your day? Do you have a personal, positive mantra or affirmation that has worked for you? Please share in the comments section below.

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