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3 Smart Reasons Why Lifelong Learning Supports Living a Long and Satisfying Life

By T. Kari Mitchell October 23, 2020 Senior Living

What are you doing to increase your chances of living a long, fulfilling life? There are multiple lifestyle commitments that promote longevity. These include eating vitamin-rich meals, nurturing loving relationships, making a difference in someone else’s life through community service, getting proper rest, pursuing your passions, and more.

Another way to lead a rich and satisfying life is to invest in lifelong learning. Committing to continuous learning is one of the most rewarding personal promises you can make. The benefits are so far-reaching that it’s difficult to measure the long-term effects.

Lifelong learning can inspire an in-depth study on a topic of your choice, broaden your circle of friends, and keep you mentally and physically active.

If you’ve been concerned about the lack of engagement during the pandemic, devoting time to personal or professional development encourages your active involvement and enriches your daily experiences.

When was the last time you signed up for a course related to your passions? Have you ever considered taking a personal-development seminar just because it sounds fun? Or perhaps this is the time to pursue that advanced degree you’ve been putting off for the last few decades.

Whether you’re exploring a new topic or gaining expert advice from leaders in your field, participating in workshops can be refreshing.

While there are advantages to traditional onsite learning, online education is your best bet during these uncertain times. Virtual programs are convenient and interactive, all from the comforts of your home.

Let’s take a closer look at three remarkable reasons why it’s wise to commit to lifelong learning.

Lifelong Learning Can Inspire You to Go Deep

Let’s say you have a particular interest in a craft, like woodworking. If you’re new to it, taking a few classes can introduce you to a whole new world of possibilities that you never considered.

Classes will increase your knowledge of the subject. A weekend study can help strengthen your skills and perfect your talent. After that, diving deep into the intricacies of this craft will keep you current in the field, especially if you’d like to carve out a specialty.

One experience can spark creative ideas, leading you on a path to an enjoyable lifelong pastime. The key point here is to explore your personal and professional interests.

As a certified aromatherapist, I belong to several professional organizations, and I take advantage of enrichment offerings that they present.

Last year, I participated in a fascinating webinar on the essential oils used in ancient Egypt. The instructor also offered our group a specially-priced vacation package featuring an in-depth study of the flora of Egypt, as well as a guided tour of major historical attractions. When travel is safe, I plan to book this exciting excursion.

Lifelong Learning Can Broaden Your Circle of Friends

If you’re looking for opportunities to engage with others during these unpredictable times, exploring lifelong learning options will keep you connected and combat boredom. When you register for a class, there will be participants who share your interests and may open doors to explore joint ventures.

Many years ago, I took my first children’s book writing workshop at the Newberry Library in Chicago, taught by a renowned author. I believe our small, intimate group was divinely ordered.

The class consisted of a diverse mix of talented women with impressive backgrounds, and we bonded immediately. I’ve stayed in touch with several writers from that group, and we support each other’s projects.

Are you open to meeting new people? Lifelong learning can lead to lifelong friendships. Nurturing meaningful relationships is critical to living a satisfying life.

Lifelong Learning Can Keep You Mentally and Physically Engaged

Two major things that older adults worry about as they age are experiencing a fall and losing their mental faculties.

When you vow to invest in courses that stretch you mentally, you boost your cognitive function. Consider programs that will challenge you to higher heights, like learning a new “language.”

For example, if you’re not musically inclined but have an interest in a particular instrument, take music lessons. If you are monolingual, learn to speak Japanese, one of the most challenging languages to master.

Can you “talk” technology or carry on a conversation about investments? All have their own communication system.

These examples require you to step outside your comfort zone and immerse yourself in a new world of expression. Learning the language of music, understanding investment terms, and decoding Japanese can all be practiced in structured, online courses.

And there are many exercise program options available for keeping your muscles and bones strong, and that focus on fall prevention, balance, and posture. For instance, yoga is more than a relaxation tool. The measured, strengthening asanas can improve your balance and help prevent falls as you age.

Pilates is also effective in building your muscles and for attaining better balance and posture. Additionally, Ageless Grace® chair exercises are designed to help you move comfortably and independently, while attending to the various tasks you face each day.

The “Tools” regularly “trick” your muscles and help them grow, develop, and adapt while stimulating your brain.

Are you up for the challenge? Keep your mind agile and your body toned. Plan your day around gratifying activities. Stay curious, active, and engaged through lifelong learning.

Have you recently taken a class? How has it enriched your life? Besides learning a new skill, what other benefits have you experienced in the classes you’ve taken? Have you ever developed a friendship with another person while taking the same course? Please share your stories with our sisters!

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