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10 Facial Acupressure Exercises for Older Women

By Sixty and Me June 21, 2019 Beauty

Will older women benefit from facial acupressure exercises?

Absolutely! Whether women want to fight the signs of aging, reduce stress and tension, or improve their complexion, facial acupressure will help them feel good and look good. Women can do the acupressure exercises themselves. They don’t need to leave their home or spend a lot of money.

In an interview with Margaret Manning, Sheena Nancy Sarles, founder of Growing Younger Gracefully, an organic facial and body serum, shares 10 facial acupressure exercises that will help older women achieve visibly younger, tension-free skin.


Using your index and middle fingers, press your chin softly to massage the muscle underneath. Then, slowly move your fingers in a circular motion. This quick and effortless exercise can brighten your complexion and even relieve constipation.


Pinch both sides of your jaw lightly, and work your way up. The jaw holds a lot of tension. To get rid of any stress that may be starting to show around your jawline, pinch the skin in an upward motion. It feels great, and it will help relieve muscle tension and stress. It’s also ideal for women who grind their teeth.


Right under each cheekbone, press lightly using one finger from each hand. Then, move your fingers in a circular motion. This pressure point is used to relieve pain from toothaches. Other than that, it massages the muscles and can brighten the skin.


Pressing the sinus points will relieve stuffiness, sinus problems, and nasal congestion. For five seconds, press the area around the nose gently with one finger from each hand before massaging it in circular motions. This is perfect for allergy season.


Apply some pressure near your temples to ease and prevent headaches, and relieve any kind of stress. While you’re doing this, think positive thoughts. Let go of all the thoughts that are causing you pain and making you worry.


Often, if we’ve had too much sugar or too much alcohol, it will make the eyes look puffy. Although it’s always best to get rid of the bad habits, you can attempt to hide the consequences by gently pressing the area under your eyes with your index and middle fingers.


To lift the eyes, pinch the area around the eyebrows lightly, starting from the center. Caressing the skin underneath brightens the eyes. On top of that, it promotes the growth of your eyebrows.

Between the Eyebrows

Years’ worth of frowning will show up right between the eyebrows and manifest as two little anger lines. Luckily, anyone can break free from the pinched face by applying pressure to that area and massaging it in a circular motion.


The ears are connected to nearly every part of the body. To stimulate the pressure points in your ears, pinch them slightly starting from the earlobes.

Top of the Head

Using all your fingers, tap the top of the head with gentle pressure. Stimulating these pressure points can relieve stress and help eliminate negative feelings.

What facial acupressure exercises do you practice regularly? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to click “like” and share this article with other women who may need it!

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