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3 Powerful Benefits of Meditation for Women Over 60

In today’s “always on” society, it’s difficult to go 10 seconds without being interrupted by buzzing devices, flashing computer screens, and up-to-the-second breaking news alerts. Is it any wonder that we’re all so stressed?

If you’re looking for a way to escape from the constant onslaught of anxiety, annoyance, anger, self-doubt, restlessness and inner self-talk that are triggered by everyday stresses, consider meditation. It will get your stress under control, help you be more productive, and have a more comfortable and healthy body.

Now mute your cellphone, turn off the TV, move away from your computer and just breathe. Here are 3 benefits of meditation for women like us:

Lower Stress, Regulate Hormones, and Control Menopause Symptoms

The most basic purpose of meditation is to calm the mind, relax the body and facilitate a higher level of consciousness and wisdom. To connect body, mind and spirit. The indirect outcome is the reduction of stress. We all know that stress leads to an amalgam of health issues, from high blood pressure and heart disease to depression.

Stress can also cause pain, muscle tightness and back and neck spasms which can interfere with everyday life. Meditation is a way to calm the mind and comfort the spirit, helping you to see things in calm perspective and unity not frantic opposition.

According to the EOC Institute, meditation neutralizes the effects of stress hormones that wreak havoc on our bodies and emotions. Meditators are able to stabilize these emotions naturally and are better able to cope with intense emotional trauma and everyday stressors. In time, focused breathing will trigger your body’s hormone stabilizing response.

Additionally, University of Massachusetts Medical School’s researchers found that women who learned about Mindful Meditation and stress reduction techniques experienced a 40% reduction of hot flashes.

Increase Productivity

Accomplishing all of the tasks you set out to do in a day is one of life’s best, most fulfilling simple pleasures. When you are able to focus undeterred on your goals, without distractions and the stress of fulfilling other’s needs, it’s incredible how stress falls away and joy can be felt in your everyday tasks. Reaching milestones gives us a sense of accomplishment and happiness unique in and of itself.

If you tend to accomplish less than you’d like to, always feel overwhelmed and constantly spinning from one thing to another, perhaps meditation can help you to approach tasks in a calm manor with a singular focus.

Try kicking off your day with light exercise and as little as 12 minutes of meditation in order to sharpen your focus and calm flustered anxiety and frayed nerves. The American Psychological Association also says “Mindful Meditation” helps to increase memory, calm and stabilize emotions and enable the mind to better solve problems

Reduce Pain Pill Consumption

Prevention magazine cites meditation’s power to decrease pain and ultimately reduce the amount of pain medication required to make our aging bodies comfortable. Perhaps more importantly, pain sensitivity originates in the nerve centers of our brains, just above the brainstem. Zen meditation, which requires a focus on posture and breathing, actually thickens this part of our brains. As a result, pain sensations are reduced.

When combined with a number of allopathic and modern medical treatments, meditation’s powers are nearly endless. The implications of pain relief, brain tissue regeneration, and hormone balancing properties are far reaching.

What’s your take on this? Have you experienced the benefits of meditation? Have you seen any specific improvements in your health, productivity or happiness since you started to meditate? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 


Watch my interview with Susan Piver for more information about the benefits of meditation for older women.

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