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3 Ways that Simplifying Your Life Can Lead to Mature Dating Success

By Sixty and Me March 25, 2019 Dating

Ready to take the plunge into the world of dating over 50? Looking for Mr. Right, but only finding Mr. Wrong? Margaret Manning of Sixty and Me talks to love coach and dating expert Lisa Copeland about why dating is different for mature women and what you can do to find a loving, successful relationship.

Dating Over 50 – It’s a Whole New Game

According to Lisa, “Dating in your 20’s is mostly about hormones and reproduction”. It’s really no different now than in the caveman days. Young men and women instinctively look for a strong, healthy partner that will produce strong, healthy children.

Dating later in life isn’t about that at all. Women over 50 don’t necessarily need a man to support them financially, rather they are looking for someone who accepts them as they are, who has their back, and who supports them. Most of all, they want someone to have fun with!

Time for Fun – Learn to Play

Dating in our 20’s tends to be all about finding someone to help us build a comfortable life and family. It’s easy for a mature woman to continue on with that mindset when she begins to date in her 50’s, 60’s, and beyond. This is a big mistake.

Do you know that men are often attracted to younger women not for their appearance, but because of their playfulness? A mature woman has usually already raised her children and established a comfortable life so she has a lot of freedom to go out and have fun. Take advantage of that freedom and go play!

So You’re Not 20 Anymore – Know and Love Yourself

Do you look in the mirror and cringe at the wrinkles and grey hair? Are you expecting yourself to look 20 or even 30? It’s time to shift your attitude and love yourself exactly the way you are now.

Of course, accepting yourself doesn’t mean that you don’t try to look your best. Start with eating right, exercising, and taking care of your health.  Then check out some of Sixty and Me’s videos for fun ideas on looking great with fashion and makeup tips from Margaret.

Fear Factor – Learn From the Past and Move On

Fear is often an unwelcome guest when a woman over 50 dates. Time, childbirth, and menopause take its toll on the body. Failed relationships or the death of loved ones can make it tough to open up to another potential loss.

Is your fear prompting you to make your potential mate jump through hoops to prove himself to you? Relax – you’ve got time. People are living longer, healthier lives so slow down and let the relationship unfold naturally.

What Women Want – Find Your True Match

Do you know what you truly want in a mate? Are you sure? The scary fact is, unless you really examine this question, it’s very likely that you’ll end up with the “same guy” you broke up with last time.

Often a mature woman is still attracted to the type of man she would have chosen in her 20’s. However; your body has changed, your life has changed, and your idea of the “perfect man” needs to change as well. In order to find someone who really makes you happy, carefully examine what you want in your life now.

One of Lisa’s tools, the Quality Man Template, will help you really delve into what you want from a man. You will discover key points such as deal breakers, how your values align, and how you feel when you’re around him.

Mr. Right is out there somewhere. You just need a clear vision of who he might be.

How do you think dating after 50 is different from dating earlier in life? What fear do you think you need to face for a more successful dating life? What is the one thing about a partner you can’t live without? Tell us about it!

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