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4 Fun and Fabulous Holiday Looks for Women Over 60

By Jodie Filogomo December 21, 2022 Beauty

By this time in our lives, we probably don’t need to go buy something new for any of the holidays coming up on the calendar. I’m sure most of us have many items in our closet that could work for either a dressy occasion or a casual event. But there are times we all panic and think, “I have nothing to wear!”

What Constitutes a Holiday Look?

Well, the answer to the question above has certainly changed over the years. And while it’s fabulous to have some go-to outfits already hiding in your wardrobe, it’s not the best reaction to have someone comment that you look like you stepped out of a 1950s magazine!

It’s also more fun to find some uniqueness in your style so you don’t look like every other woman at the festivity! As we all know with the subject of style and clothing, the rules have been swept under the rug in these past 10 years. There is no right and wrong.

I hope to inspire you to find a “new” outfit and have fun with your holiday look this year. So, let’s start analysing the different ways to get your outfits ready for the holidays!

Be Creative with Colours

Of course, certain colours can suggest the vibe of the holidays. Thus, for those that celebrate Christmas, it’s easy to grab your red or green pieces. One way to keep the look more modern is to not match everything you’re wearing.

The matchy-matchy phase is not in vogue right now (but be patient if you love it – everything comes back around in time). You can always add in some neutrals with your red dress (as shown with my mom in many of these photos).

Or, maybe just use the red as an accent piece – like a cardigan or scarf – over a neutral coloured dress or pantsuit. Heck, I just read another woman’s blog post giving the idea of using a plaid ribbon as a belt! Now that’s creative!

I know most of us are used to wearing black for formal occasions, and, of course, that is still appropriate. However, I will challenge those of you who usually resort to black; to try to at least add a colourful scarf or large sparkly necklace as an accessory!

Lately my favourite colours for the holidays are blue and silver. They remind me of the colour of the snow in the early mornings before the sun is up when the lights are all twinkling. It doesn’t hurt that I have a blue midi skirt that was recycled from a dress my mom wore in the 1950s!

The skirt was originally a dress; however, the top portion, which was lace, had started to disintegrate. Thus, I had my mother remove the bodice and create a waistband around the skirt. I’ve worn it for a couple of holiday parties and galas!

Shine with Metallics and Lace

Metallics are always in vogue when getting ready to celebrate almost anything. I’m sure many of us already have some sequinned or glitter pieces in our closets. I figure now is the time to pull them out and enjoy what you’ve bought in the past. If it’s a sequinned shirt, then it can easily be dressed up with a black skirt or dressed down with jeans depending on the situation.

The other element that can be so nice at this time of year is lace. Many of us think of lace as a spring item, but I think many times we can make it winter and holiday appropriate. Layering your lacy pieces with a turtleneck or long sleeve shirt can sometimes be the trick you need to make sure you don’t freeze your tookus off!

And then, of course, your shine can come in the form of accessories. The trend of wearing a large, statement necklace can upgrade a plain shirt from frumpy to fabulous! Or how about larger than normal earrings. You know, the ones that scrape your collarbones and create a vertical line around your face?

And if that’s not your cup of tea, there’s always scarves. I’ve seen plenty of scarves with metallic, glitter or sequins throughout the material! It’s not only an easy way to add some bling to your outfit, but it’ll also keep you warm!

Find Fresh Looks for Fur

Another detail that screams winter is faux fur!

The fur vests are still going strong among the style wear and I think they look good on any age of woman! It’s easy to throw them over a dress to add some warmth! And it takes a jeans and t-shirt look and adds some interest and flair!

One of my ideas that I presented to a group of older women was to take stock of your coat closet! Do you have a fur coat that you never wear anymore? How about having the sleeves removed and wearing it as a vest? Nobody needs to know if it’s real fur or faux!

Or if you wouldn’t wear a vest like this, you can certainly have the collar removed and have it made into a scarf. It’s such a fun detail that I’ve been seeing so much of lately!

Think Beyond the Basic Footwear

One item that tends to be put on the back burner when thinking about outfits is shoes. Sneakers are meant for working out, so let’s pull out some fancier footwear for these fun times! Even if you end up wearing all black to your event, how about a pair of gold or red shoes?

Of course, when it’s cold outside we wear our boots. But you don’t have to only have black and brown boots anymore. There are a wide range of colours that can add a little pizzazz to your outfits!

The other kind of boots that I think are fabulous are the over-the-knee boots. I know many of us have a certain impression of the kind of woman who wears these boots. But those days are truly behind us, and this style is quite functional, especially if you love wearing dresses and skirts in the colder months.

The longer boots provide much more coverage and warmth since there won’t be the gap between the boots and hemline! Even when I sit down in these boots, I don’t have my legs exposed!

All Year Long

One of my quests on my blog is to make what we have in our closet work for many occasions. I’d rather not have a piece that is a one-hit wonder!

Even though we think of many of the details I’ve just described as holiday wear and dressy, I’m always trying to challenge those perceptions. The fashion world is working very hard to make getting dressed easier and fun and especially ageless. If you don’t believe me, you should check out the many other blogs that cater to women over 40 years old!

So, after you wear your holiday outfit this year, I’d love for you to try to incorporate the same items into a regular day outfit. If you email me a photo of yourself doing it, it’d make my day!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you have a go-to outfit for the holiday season? What constitutes holiday wear for you? What are your favorite holiday looks? What is a new style or item you plan to wear this year? Please share your fashion plans in the comments. 

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I’m happy to see that boots and dresses continue to be stylish. A timeless combination for women of all ages and shapes.
We can all have fun personalizing our own styles.
Let’s enjoy and support all women!


Jodie and Friends,
I love your fun assortment of styles here. The message I got from the article is to pull some items out of the closet and see what possible new combinations you can come up with. Love it! Thank you all for modeling!

Gail Dunford

Wow, Bethany! While all these looks are not for me, I DO appreciate the stylists attempts to show us how to utilize some pieces we may already have and “update” them. Thank you for the tutorial! Happy Holidays!


You have a very specific taste. I would not wear any of these outfits. For one thing, I don’t wear dresses, long or short anymore. I won’t wear boots anymore. So you must be young dressing senior women with a bias against aging.

The Author

Jodie Filogomo is a retired cosmetic dentist turned style consultant. After over 20 years as a successful dental practitioner, she enhanced her styling talents by taking fashion, interior decorating and design classes. Jodie loves to share with others her passion for putting together outfits for women of all ages. Visit her blog Jodie’s Touch of Style and connect with her on social media.

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