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4 Things That Really Annoy Me in Our Modern World

By Sally Dowling January 22, 2017 Lifestyle

Here in the UK we have a very funny TV show called “Room 101.” Readers may recall Room 101 originated in George Orwell’s novel 1984 as the place that subjected you to those things you fear the most.

The TV programme of the same name strikes a lighter note and consists of a panel of celebrities who nominate their pet hates to be banished forever in the fictional Room 101.

As I am not a celebrity, it is unlikely I will ever be invited to take part, but each week as I watch I find myself compiling my own list of things, places, people I would like to see disappear from my life. Here are just a few of my personal pet peeves. I am sure you can think of more!

Air Hand Dryers in Restrooms

How I hate these things… noisy, ineffective and often not even working. Bring back paper towels please
so we can effectively dry our hands.

General Rudeness and Bad Manners

For example, the person that has to jump the queue for the last parking space, grabs the remaining vacant seat on a bus or train or pushes ahead through a doorway with no thought for others. Maybe if we all smiled more and had consideration for others the world would be a happier place. Does smiling help you through the day?

Unnecessary Packaging

My goodness, when did all this start? A chicken from the supermarket is in a plastic tray, covered in wrap with a cardboard sleeve. Back in the day, you bought from a butcher shop – sadly we don’t have one for miles around – and he wrapped it in paper – job done. Ditto fruits and vegetables – in fact almost everything. Oh, for individual shops, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker.

Like most people, I recycle the packaging but am finding it hard to fit it all into my bin! I am also aware that as we get older it can be tricky to unpack some goods as our hands become weaker with arthritis etc.

Technology Handbooks or Instructions

You buy the latest tablet, phone, computer or household appliance and then need a degree in information technology to make any of it work. Or alternatively, you can ask a younger family member to help; they always seem to know instinctively what to do. Do you struggle with technology? Wish it could all be simpler?

Do I sound like a grumpy old woman? “Yes” is probably the answer, but it makes me feel better to get these gripes off my chest, so I invite you to do the same. My next post will be more positive and highlight the things I love about life – a much longer list I am pleased to say!

What are your pet peeves about life in our modern world? How do you deal with someone who is rude and unhelpful? Does the amount of packaging we must contend with today annoy you? Do you resort to asking for help with technology, or do you make the effort to keep on top of new innovations? Please join the conversation.

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