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5 Easy and Fun Ways to Walk More After 60… and My Favorite Comfy Walking Shoes

By Sixty and Me September 25, 2019 Makeup and Fashion

I love walking! Of course, it’s great exercise, but, perhaps more importantly, walking also creates a time for reflection and decision making. In fact, some of my most creative ideas and important realizations have come to me as I sauntered along city sidewalks and down country lanes. When I put on a pair of comfy shoes and walk, my world comes into focus easily.

While we all know we should walk more, it is not always easy to find the motivation to get on our feet. So, today, I wanted to share 5 fun ways to “trick” yourself into walking more.

The only thing that you will need… comfy walking shoes!

The Importance of Good Walking Shoes

My feet have helped me to experience fabulous places and stimulating adventures. But as I reach my 70s, I realize that my feet need a little extra comfort and support.

And I am more than willing to oblige.

That’s why I am so happy with Easy Spirit shoes, the original comfort footwear brand.

Not only are they lightweight and breathable shoes, but they are designed in a wide range of widths and sizes for all women.

Click here to get your next pair of shoes from Easy Spirit – use promo code ES60ANDME2019 to get 20% off!

Wondering how to get more steps in every day in your new comfortable shoes? Here are my suggestions…

Tip #1: Leave Your Car at Home for Short Trips

A few years ago, I made the decision to give up my car and I have never looked back. I love the freedom that public transportation (and walking!) offers me to get around.

If you have shops or a market within a mile of your house, you can slip on some comfy shoes and head out for some fresh air.

If you must drive to the mall, why not try to park further away and spend the time planning your shopping adventure as you walk from your car to the entrance?

I recommend: The Easy Spirit Squat. These shoes are as light as they are comfortable. And, with a rubber molded outsole, you’ll always have the grip that you need to feel confident and stable.

Easy Spirit Walking Shoe

Tip #2: Join a Dance, Pilates or Yoga Class

Ok, I’ll be honest… gyms are not my personal favorite places to hang out. But I love to dance!

Try walking with a friend to Jazzercise or Pilates classes at your local community center – they’re the perfect substitutes for those repetitive workout machines. Plus, you may even make some new friends.

I recommend: If you are looking for a comfy pair of shoes to take with you to your next dance class, check out the Easy Spirit Tundra, a slip-on shoe made for walking. These shoes are so convenient and easy to put on!

Easy Spirit Walking Shoe

Tip #3: Get a Dog (at a Shelter!) or Walk a Neighbor’s Furry Friend

Dogs are a great excuse to walk regularly-not to mention, they’re friend magnets!

Try rescuing a dog. If you don’t have a pet, you might consider volunteering at a shelter. Or, consider setting up a walking date with a friend who does have a dog. You could even start a part-time dog walking business and make a little extra income.

I recommend: My absolute favorite Easy Spirit walking shoe, the lightweight, breathable and stylish Remi Casual Walking Shoe.

Easy Spirit Walking Shoe

Tip #4: Walk Around the House or Garden (And Listen to a Book or Podcast)

We spend so much time with our electronic devices – Why not find ways to make your technology time healthier for your brain and body?

Try taking a walk around the house or garden while talking to your friends and family members on the phone. Or, like me, you might enjoy walking around the park while listening to an audio book on your iPhone.

I recommend: The Easy Spirit Traveltime Leopard clog. Not only does it provide great arch support, but, it is also supper easy to slip on and off, making it a great every day shoe.

Easy Spirit Walking Shoe

Tip #5: Take Your Grandkids Out to the Park or on a Hike

Kids love to run around and get their energy out. Why not emulate their curious spirit? Just be prepared to get a little muddy!

Focus on the precioustime you have together—walking, playing and imagining in the park or on a hike.

In order to keep up, comfort is key.

I recommend: Easy Spirit Cave shoes that are easy on and off, with stability and support that will allow you to focus on the most important thing – the time you have to spend together!

And, since kids are always on the move, you will appreciate the center zip, which makes getting your Easy Spirit Cave shoes on and off super easy!

Easy Spirit Walking Shoe

Thanks to Easy Spirit for sponsoring this article. Don’t forget that you can get 20% off your next Easy Spirit purchase when you use promo code ES60ANDME2019.

How to you get moving these days? Do you walk? Dance? Run? Something else? Have you ever tried Easy Spirit shoes? Tell us in the comments.

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