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5 Powerful Reasons to Give Bone Broth a Try

By Rita Call January 07, 2019 Health and Fitness

Bone broth, which is basically soup broth, has been around for centuries. Our ancestors used to keep a pot of broth over the fires to use in making meals. Making bone broth was a way of using every part of an animal so that nothing was wasted. It was an inexpensive and versatile source of nutrients.

Even though soup broth made from bones is an old idea, it has become very popular and trendy in the past few years. Some cities even have fast food establishments that sell only bone broth. The popularity stems from the many benefits that bone broth provides.

I began drinking bone broth on a regular basis about two and a half years ago. During that time, I have experienced some of the benefits which have made bone broth so popular.

If you search on the Internet, you will find many varied articles that spell out in technical terms all the benefits of bone broth. I’m going to touch on only a few of the benefits – those that I can attest to from consuming it regularly.

Here are the benefits of bone broth.

Bone Broth Boosts Immunity

The abundance of amino acids found in bone broth reduces inflammation, improves digestion and boosts the immune system. Drinking bone broth has kept me free of nagging ailments, like the common cold and flu.

It Also Promotes Healthy Skin

Collagen is a protein that our body uses to keep our skin elastic, healthy and smooth. As we age, our body produces less collagen, therefore, our skin gets thinner and the wrinkles become permanent. Bone broth is packed with amino acids – such as proline, which helps in the production of collagen.

I didn’t even realize that bone broth was improving the look of my skin until a 28-year-old co-worker asked what creams I used on my face to be so wrinkle-free. I don’t use any creams, so I must attribute my lack of wrinkles to the collagen I get from drinking bone broth.

Bone Broth Protects the Joints

Bone broth naturally contains glucosamine and a chondroitin sulfate which help in reducing joint pain, inflammation and irritation.

As you may know, many people purchase supplements containing glucosamine and chondroitin to help with joint pain and arthritic symptoms. Bone broth is a natural way to repair and heal joints, improve mobility, reduce pain and prevent joint deterioration.

Like many individuals in their 60s, I suffered from sore knees. In fact, at one point a few years ago, I thought I might have to succumb to knee surgery, but the consumption of bone broth on a regular basis, has eliminated my knee pain, improved my mobility and prevented me from having surgery.

It Also Aids Gut Health

The high levels of gelatin contained in bone broth can naturally help repair the stomach lining, which can become damaged with leaky gut syndrome and other digestive problems. In addition, digestion is aided by the myriad of minerals, amino acids and nutrients.

Glycine improves digestion through an increased production of stomach acid. I can’t say that I had digestive problems prior to drinking bone broth, but I don’t have any problems now. I believe bone broth is at least part of the reason that I have good digestion.

Finally, Bone Broth Improves Hair Health

All the minerals and nutrients contained in bone broth will improve the appearance of your hair and nails, but collagen is the key. Hair will be shinier, thicker and seem healthier in general.

As with my skin, this was not something I noticed on my own. It was my hairdresser who mentioned how healthy my hair was now and asked what I was doing to have improved the state of my hair.

There are many other benefits of bone broth. It is a good source of calcium and magnesium, helps bones stay strong, improves sleep quality and energy and enhances muscle repair/growth.

It’s also helpful in proper kidney function and wound healing. Bone broth hydrates, improves the mood, helps the body detoxify, boosts brain health and protects the heart.

When I started drinking bone broth daily, my thought was “What can it hurt?” As I mentioned before, I’ve never really had any digestion problems, so I didn’t see any problems with trying bone broth. If you have issues with digestion, you may want to consult your doctor before starting your program.

Where to Get Bone Broth

The best and least expensive way to obtain bone broth is to make it yourself. If you are interested in making your own bone broth, there are many sites on the Internet that have easy bone broth recipes.

There are several keys to making your own broth:

  • Make sure the bones are from organic grass-fed animals.
  • Roast the bones prior to simmering to bring out additional flavor.
  • Add an acid, such as apple cider vinegar, which will leach the minerals from the bones.
  • Let the broth simmer for at least 24 hours.

If making your own bone broth is not appealing to you, you can buy ready-made bone broth in grocery stores, at fast-food establishments or online.

Kettle & Fire is a good source of bone broth made from pasture raised animals and organic vegetables. There are also sites that sell bone broth powder that can be mixed with water or additional broth.

How to Use Bone Broth

My preference is to drink a cup of warm broth in the morning, but you can also substitute bone broth for water when making soups, gravies, vegetables or pasta.

Have you ever eaten bone broth? What other foods and supplements do you enjoy in order to remain healthy and strong in your 60s? Please join the conversation below.

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