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5 Ways Making Vibrant Fashion Choices After 60 Will Empower You!

By Sixty and Me October 05, 2018 Makeup and Fashion

Many of us fall into the habit of wearing the same style clothes for years. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! Fashion after 60 can be exciting… if you let it!

Join Margaret Manning and popular blogger, Mel Kobayashi from Bag and a Beret, to see the powerful effect that wearing vibrant, beautiful clothing can have on your life!


Create Your Own Rules After 60

We live in a world where every facet of life is seemingly governed by a multitude of rules. Fashion can give you the freedom to make your own rules – but only if you want it too!

As Mel says in the video: it can almost be a political statement and, at the very least, an act of defiance against trends and expectations.

Fashion after 60 can be even more empowering as, for example, being retired means you are not constrained by rules of what is appropriate office attire.

You have the opportunity to decide what works for you now, at an age where you have accepted yourself as you are. The right to create your own rules has most certainly been earned – take it!

Discover Yourself!

As women, many of us have had to perform specific tasks that forced us to dress for the role we were playing. At times, many of us have played and dressed as Frumpy Mom, or Corporate Bland – now it’s time for “Fabulous Fifty,” “Sensational Sixty,” “Spectacular Seventy,” and “Effervescent Eighty!”

As Mel says, clothes can have the power to bring out a buried part of yourself – perhaps even something you didn’t know was there. Now is the time for you to experiment a little, to find out what you want to express to the world.

Sometimes, the only way you will achieve this is by trial and error. If you have always stuck to a staple wardrobe of black, whites and greys, this might be the time to change that with a pop of color or pattern!


Be the Boss of Your Own Mood

If you wake one morning feeling a little flat, pulling bright colored clothing or fabulous shoes out of your closet might be just the ticket to lifting your mood!

You don’t need to limit your clothing choices to “special occasions only” – if you feel like wearing a pair of bright blue heels with a gorgeous scarf, wear it!

As Mel says, bright colors and patterns make others smile, which in turn helps to brighten her mood.

She recognizes certain clothes such as her patterned vintage jumpsuit, Fluevog elf shoes, and bright neck scarf have the effect of lifting her spirit.

Leaving the house should not be a prerequisite for dressing up – or looking and feeling good about yourself. So, Channel Mel – put on that bright blue wig, pop on a zany pair of sunglasses and bright lipstick and voila! You’re having fun!

Being at home is a great time to try and change your perception of what fashion for older women means to you and what it looks like. It also gives you the opportunity to get comfortable with your new look before wearing it on your next social outing.

Fashion After 60 is All About Inviting Conversations

As they get older, many women start to feel a little invisible, unimportant or downright ignored.

Fashion for mature women does not need to be about blending into the background – quite the opposite! Being at an age where you are more comfortable in your own skin also gives you the opportunity to be unafraid to shine and stand out from the crowd.

It might seem risky at first to draw attention to yourself, but the rewards will most certainly outweigh that in the long run. Eclectic fashion choices can lead to conversations as other people often have a genuine curiosity. They might ask questions about the basis for your fashion choice, where you purchased your fabulous pieces, or what your inspiration was!

Either way, you have created an opportunity for another person to engage with you positively!

Generate an Electric Energy in Your 60s, 70s or Better!

Okay, so this might seem like a bit of a literal take on empowerment, but there is more to human interaction than we necessarily perceive. What you wear can have an effect on the people you come into contact with – bright, happy clothes can make others smile and generate positive energy!

Most of us have heard the saying “you get back what you put in,” otherwise known as the law of cause and effect. If you exude a positive, confident and happy vibe, you will attract positivity and happiness.

In today’s fashion after 60 interview, Mel talks about the transformative energy that is created by wearing vibrant clothes – if people positively react to you, you cannot help but do the same and vice versa.

The best part? It is entirely within your power to make it happen!

Which of Mel’s happy clothes do you love most? What types of prints or colors make you feel more energetic? Do you have a favorite piece of fashion that inspires others to engage with you? What do you think are the keys to fashion for mature women? Join in the conversation below!

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