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7 Types of Group Exercise That Can Help You Thrive When You’re Over 60

We all know the benefits of exercise. Working out can increase energy, promote weight loss, manage health problems, and aid in the prevention of muscle loss. Although we know we need to get out there and work out, we don’t always commit to exercise.

One reason may be that the thought of working out alone makes us feel uncomfortable. The equipment may make us feel unsure of what to do or how it’s used. Questions about how much weight to use or how long to exercise also can be a little intimidating.

This is one reason I would recommend you investigate a group fitness class. Several fitness clubs, churches, and other community centers offer beginners to advance workout classes to choose from.

It is easy to find a class you can feel comfortable in and learn a new workout. The following are a few to look for and try.


If you believe that yoga could be too hard for you, check out chair yoga to start as an introduction. You can learn some great breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation, good form, and poses that will get you prepared to work toward a more traditional class.

Yoga benefits can include increased muscle tone, balance, strength, and improved mood.

Aqua Fit

Aqua fit is a low-impact, easy-on-the-joints workout that can burn calories and be fun too. It’s the perfect workout for anyone fearful of balance issues or injuring themselves. Water-based activities can provide significant benefits, including increasing metabolism.

Circuit Training

Circuit training classes are great to keep you engaged and have an all-over body workout. A class can involve alternating between different strength training exercises and low-impact aerobic exercises. It can help with endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance.

Strength Training

Perfect to help fight muscle loss, strength training can reduce symptoms of osteoporosis, back pain, diabetes, and help with weight management. A regular strength program can help with better sleep, balance, and glucose control.

Indoor Cycling

Spin classes are for any age and the benefits are immense. Spinning will build muscle strength, improve balance and coordination, and can help in building a stronger heart and lung capacity.

Dance Class

Dance fitness can be a great workout while having fun. This group exercise incorporates many forms of dance. It’s an aerobic workout with the overall intensity level depending on the style you are doing.

Sense of Community

Fitness classes are a community with a sense of purpose and camaraderie. Being led through a class takes the guesswork out and offers personal attention and answers to questions you may have. You get to know the instructors and many of the participants while working toward your personal goal.

As always, you should check with your physician before starting any workout program. Staying active is important and, although you may take part in different exercises than you did in your 20s, the health benefits lead to more independence, a better attitude and outlook.

Having a fitness program in place can build stronger bones, healthier joints, improved cardiovascular and stronger immune system. In other words, the benefits are worth trying a class.

What exercise classes have you tried? Which ones did you enjoy the most? Has your doctor recommended any classes for you? Please share in the comments below.

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