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Best Affordable Hearing Aids

By Jessica Thomas February 01, 2021 Aging

Hearing aids can dramatically improve a person’s quality of life by allowing them to interact with friends and family members better. However, one cannot ignore the fact that they are also expensive and finding affordable hearing aids can be difficult. Adding to this challenge is the fact that many insurance companies do not cover the devices, which can cost between $2,000 and $3,000 per ear. Due to this, many people go without hearing aids. 

Yet, there are other options instead of suffering in silence. Today, there are more affordable hearing aid choices on the market than ever before, and many of them offer excellent sound quality. 

Budget Hearing Aids

More budget hearing aids are available in 2021, but not all of these products are created equally. Some of them offer better listening experiences than competitors’ models. And, some of the most favorably reviewed models are produced by Nano.

Nano Hearing Aids 

Nano produces a wide range of hearing aid models that fall under the affordable umbrella. Even though these hearing aids are relatively inexpensive, they sport much of the same technology that is used in more expensive brands and models. For example, the Nano Sigma technology allows users to test their hearing with a mobile app. It then uses this information to remotely update the user’s hearing aid to maximize their listening experience.

Nano now offers a buy-one-get-one-free option on the Sigma model, which is currently priced at $997. This attractive price point makes hearing aids accessible for a wider group of consumers. 

The Nano X2 is even more affordable at $797 for two hearing aids. As an added benefit, these super-small hearing aids fit into the canal and are a great option for people concerned about the aesthetics of their hearing aid choices.

Another benefit of the Nano models is the company’s generous return policy. Consumers can return them within 45 days and get their money back in full.

MD Hearing Aids

Anyone who has watched a fair amount of television has likely seen commercials for MD Hearing Aids. The first step in the process of ordering an MD Hearing Aid product is to complete an online hearing test. Based on the results of this test, company employees will guide you towards which medical-grade hearing aid option best suits your needs. 

The PRO Model

The simplest model in their product range is the PRO, which is $399.98 for a pair. This product may lack some of the bells and whistles of more expensive hearing aids. But, their solid construction will allow you to hear and interact with your environment successfully.  If you are looking for additional features, then the rechargeable Volt + at $599.98 for a pair could be a great option. 

The Core Model

The Core model, priced at $999.99 for a pair, has many of the same features that other brands’ higher priced models also offer. The Core can be fully customized from your smartphone. 

Audien Hearing Aids 

Perhaps the most affordable hearing aid choice is Audien. The CEO of Audien was motivated to create the company when she saw that her own mom could not afford the pricier hearing aids already on the market. Audien hearing aids are only $89 and offer a wide range of technological features. One of those features is superior audio, which means you’ll be able to hear what actually matters. These affordable hearing aids amplify speech while reducing background noises, which is great for noisy settings. Perhaps even more importantly, users report that they are very comfortable to wear and virtually invisible. 

There’s An Option Out There For You

Hearing aids are very expensive, and not everyone can afford these costly options. The good news is that there are more affordable models available today than ever before. Most of these models cost less than $1,000 per pair, and some can be purchased for as little as $89 for one hearing aid. Although affordable models may not offer all of the bells and whistles of more expensive hearing aids, many of them are high-quality products that positively transform wearers’ quality of life.

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