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Age is Just a Number: 67-Year-Old Woman Wins Canadian Rodeo Event

By Sixty and Me January 09, 2017 Mindset

Mary Burger is living proof that age really is just a number.

This idea isn’t exactly news to us. We know that getting older doesn’t have to mean slowing down like society might want us to believe. This is the perfect time in our lives to knock down those aging stereotypes and live life to the fullest!

Positive aging is a concept that the Sixty and Me community not only embraces, but enthusiastically encourages. And Mary Burger is the perfect example of a person aging positively and pursuing her passions!

Not This Grandma’s First Rodeo

With four straight rodeo wins, Burger has managed to win much more than just money. As most rodeo participants are in their 30s, at 67 years old, Mary Burger is an inspiration to her fans of all ages.

She’s captured the hearts of thousands of loyal fans and has crowds going wild for her before even stepping foot in the arena. Deemed “the darling of the stampede,” Burger spends ample time signing autographs and meeting with her dedicated followers. They constantly tell her what an inspiration she is to them.

When asked what keeps her going at 67 years old, Mary explained, “I’ve just loved horses all my life and I’ve trained a lot of them and this horse here is just special and I’ve had him since he was two and I just love to barrel race and I just don’t have any desire to quit.”

It’s clear that age certainly isn’t stopping this barrel racer from pursuing what she loves most and wrangling multiple wins away from her younger competition.


Age is Just a Number

Getting older sometimes leads us to believe that we should be slowing down or taking it easy in our lives. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth and Mary Burger is the perfect reminder of that.

Staying active in pursuing your passions is the perfect way to show the world that age doesn’t dictate how you live your life. Whether it’s barrel racing, skydiving, or tap-dancing – do what makes you feel alive, not what society says is age-appropriate!

What are some of your passions? How do you live your life with the mindset that age is just a number? Does Mary Burger’s story inspire you? Please share in the conversation.

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