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4 Big Button Cell Phones

By Jessica Thomas July 01, 2021 Aging

More and more seniors are using cell phones in their daily lives. These devices allow them to quickly reach out to family members or medical professionals in case of an emergency, and they can make completing daily errands even easier. But, some older adults may struggle with cell phones that have complicated, multi-step technology. And, as people age, many begin to experience arthritis, especially in their hands and fingers. This may make pushing small buttons challenging. And, declining eyesight may compound these difficulties. Therefore, some seniors and cell phone companies have begun to look for alternatives. One possible alternative is big-button cell phones. 

What are Big Button Cell Phones? 

As the name suggests, big-button cell phones are phones that have larger than average-sized buttons. These super-sized keys make it easier for people to see what they are pushing, and it also makes it easier to click on the right buttons. Also, many of these cell phones sport other features that may improve usability for older adults, such as being compatible with hearing aids. 

What are the Best Big Button Cell Phones? 

Not surprisingly, a large number of big-button cell phones exist on the market. And, as the American population continues to age and more and more people could benefit from these accessibility and usability features, the number of options is likely to continue to increase. 

But, some of these options are better than others. Therefore, if you are looking for this option, then it makes sense to buy the best one you possibly can while also considering the price. There can be a significant price difference between these phone choices. 

#1 The Lively Flip

One highly recommended model is the Lively Flip. In addition to sporting large buttons that are easy for older adults to use, it has other senior-friendly features. For example, it has a built-in magnifier that blows up small text and makes it easier to read. Even better, for older people and their loved ones who are worried about falls and other medical emergencies, the Lively Flip has a one-touch medical alert notification that connects you directly to the Lively Response team. This makes it a great all-in-one option for people who may feel overwhelmed with many technological devices.  

The good news is that this phone option is extremely reasonable. The device itself costs $99.99, and phone plans can be purchased for less than $20 per month. The bad news is that this is not a smartphone, and you cannot use it to connect to the Internet. For many people, this could be a dealbreaker. 

More information about the Lively Flip can be found on the Company’s website.  And, be sure to check the website for periodic sales that are offered on the device. 

#2 The Cingular Flip IV 

The Cingular Flip IV device option is only available on AT&T. So before you decide to buy it, make sure that this is a network that you want to be a part of and that it has good coverage in the areas where you live and work. Unlike the Lively Flip, this phone is a smartphone that comes loaded with technological options and features, packaged around big button accessibility. The only two downsides of this choice are that monthly services with AT&T are more expensive than with Lively Flip, and avid photographers may be frustrated with the quality of the phone’s camera. But, if you are looking for easy-to-use big buttons coupled with smartphone capabilities, this could be a great option for you. 

#3 The Snapfon ezFlip 

For people who struggle with their vision, in addition to finger dexterity, this is one of the best options on the market. The buttons are impressively large, and because they are backlit, they are very easy to see.  There is also an impressive number of safety features packed into this phone. For example, if you suddenly find yourself experiencing a medical emergency, you can quickly hit an SOS button. 

This phone will also detect if you have fallen. It does not stop with just fall detection, though. It also notifies your designated emergency contact about this fall so that help can be sent. This is an invaluable safety feature for older adults who live alone or anyone who may have a mobility issue that leaves them prone to slipping and falling. 

It also has some nice additional features. For example, even though many people buy it because of the benefits of the big buttons, the phone also offers touch screen capabilities. So this alternative may be appealing for some users. 

Lastly, this device is also one of the most affordable options available on the market, with these capabilities at only $79.99. Monthly plans range from $13 to $30, with the more expensive options offering unlimited talk and text. 

#4 The Doro 7050 

This model is offered directly from Consumer Cellular. This model does not offer some of the bells and whistles that other options do, but it may be a great choice for people who are looking for a simple and easy-to-use phone for calling and texting. One of the safety features that it does offer is that it has an SOS button. Simply pushing this button in case of an emergency will send a notification to the person of your choice that you need help.  

In addition, the cost is definitely another big selling point of this model. The phone itself costs only $50 to buy. In addition, consumer Cellular offers monthly plans for as low as $15 per month. This improves accessibility for even more seniors. 

The Best Big Button Phones Revealed

Cell phones make modern life safer and more convenient. But, many seniors struggle to use these devices, often due to poor vision and struggles with their hands or arthritis. Cell phone companies have finally wised up to these challenges and have started offering big-button cell phone models. These models come in at various price points and sport a wide range of features and selling points. That is why it is important to think about what you what your phone to do before shopping for one of the great options listed above. 

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