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Best Invisible Hearing Aids 2022

By Jessica Thomas January 03, 2022 Aging

Hearing aids are an essential tool that restores the quality of life for millions of Americans with varying degrees of hearing loss. Even though hearing aids are a tool, they also become part of the way that a person looks. Many people are concerned about the aesthetics of hearing aids. They often have an antiquated idea that hearing aids are bulky and that everyone will be able to see that they are wearing them. But, increasingly, hearing aids are much sleeker and more streamlined. And more manufacturers are producing invisible hearing aids. 

Below, we will discuss some of 2022’s best invisible hearing aids. 

What are Invisible Hearing Aids? 

Invisible hearing aids go by multiple names. They may be marketed under names, such as invisible hearing aids, nearly invisible hearing aids, and barely seen hearing aids. These hearing aids sit inside a person’s ear canal and may be difficult to see unless someone else is looking for them. They may be even less notable depending on their color or where exactly they are positioned in a person’s ear canal. 

Invisible hearing aids are a viable option for most hearing aid consumers. But, there are certain reasons why this option may not work for everyone: 

1. People with profound hearing losses may not get enough assistance from an invisible hearing aid;

2. The shape and/or size of a person’s ear canal may mean that this is not an appropriate choice;

3. A history of ear infections can also complicate this option.

What Are 2022’s Best Invisible Hearing Aids? 

Several manufacturers produce invisible hearing aids. And some of these hearing aids have garnered rave reviews. Below are descriptions of some of the leading options: 

#1 Widex IIC 

The Widex IIC option is widely recommended. This brand is known as an innovator in the hearing aid market, and they bring many of their breakthrough technologies to their nearly invisible product. Another benefit of the Widex product is that it is custom-molded. This may lead to a better fit for people who have non-standard ear canal shapes. 

#2 Signia

Signia is another important manufacturer of invisible hearing aids. Recognizing that different consumers may have radically different needs, Signia offers three invisible products: the Insio Primax IIC, the Insio Nx IIC, and the Insio Silk Nx. These models sport different features and have different price points to meet consumers’ unique needs.   

#3 Phonak Lyric

This invisible hearing aid model is extremely comfortable, even for extended wear, making it a great choice for people who may have struggled with the fit of other invisible hearing aid models. One of the greatest benefits of this option is that it can be worn for months at a time. However, this is also a drawback. If a wearer needs to take it out, they need to visit a professional hearing aid center to have it placed back in. 

#4 The Starkey Invisible Hearing Aid

Starkey offers invisible hearing aid technology in its Picasso model. By purchasing this model, consumers get all of the renowned technology and experience of Starkey’s years of industry-leading expertise. The Starkey Picasso model may also be an excellent choice for someone who is experiencing the troublesome problem of tinnitus. 

#5 Unitron Insera

The Unitron Insera is a model that is designed for those who are concerned about the aesthetics of their hearing aid choices. At Unitron, hearing aids are made based on a mold of the user’s ears. This means that it molds better to the ear canal and is less visible. This molding may also improve performance as well. As an added feature, these hearing aids are available in a wide range of colors to match the user’s skin tone. 

The Price of Invisible Hearing Aids 

Many of the models listed above do not have publicly available pricing. Instead, you will have to visit your local hearing aid center to find out about price points for the models that you are interested in. Not surprisingly, invisible hearing aids are often priced at a higher price point than their bulkier relatives. Also, even by manufacturer,  there may be a significant price difference depending on the model or level of technology that you are selecting. 

Even though the quoted prices for these invisible hearing aid options may be overwhelming, it is important to think about the benefits that you will get from wearing one. A properly fitted and functioning hearing aid may help you reconnect with your previous life! This benefit can be incalculable. It is also important to remember that for some people the aesthetics of a hearing aid are important. If they are more likely to wear an invisible model, then the higher price point may be well worth the initial investment. 

In Conclusion 

Shopping for a hearing aid that meets all of your needs can be an extremely challenging process, and it is definitely good to get a professional opinion. Many people who wear hearing aids are not only interested in their technological features but are also interested in the aesthetics of their hearing aids. For these people, invisible or nearly invisible hearing aids may be a great option. Despite all of the benefits associated with these models, it is important to remember that they may be pricier. Therefore, a consumer will need to balance the benefits and drawbacks of these models.

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