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Kohler Walk-In Bath Review

By Jessica Thomas July 04, 2021 Aging

You have a slip in the tub. It’s not too bad because you can get up afterward, but the thing is, these bones aren’t quite like they used to be. As you get older, you grow wiser and wiser. But unfortunately, your bone density gets thinner and thinner. At one point, even a slip isn’t just any old slip. It can actually hurt quite a lot, and if you can’t get up, the damage may only worsen. As a result, maybe you or your family members have started looking into walk-in tubs. They’re safe, relaxing, and you don’t feel like your world is going to come crashing down with a slip and fall while you try and enjoy your nightly bath. 

Walk-in Tubs Help You Maintain Your Independence

The walk-in tub was developed to help assist with bath times for those older adults who still want to maintain their independence. The walk-in tub industry has grown a lot since its origins, offering many older adults a variety of tubs to fit their bathtub needs. Now you can get just about any feature in a walk-in tub. Whether you want something that is affordable and gets the job done, or you want something with a little more extra features that can elevate your bath time experience in so many ways. But there are so many walk-in tub choices and so little time to get to them all. Where to even begin? 

Consider the Kohler Walk-in Bath for a Luxury Experience

If you’re looking for a walk-in tub that offers luxury and security, then the Kohler walk-in bath may be the perfect walk-in tub for you. The Kohler walk-in tub is considered the most luxurious tub in the market. So if you’re in the mood to pamper yourself and maintain independence and security while bathing, then the Kohler walk-in bath may be the perfect fit for your bathroom. But you want to know, is the Kohler walk-in tub really worth the hype? 

Kohler Walk-in Bath Safety Features

Some of the key safety features that make the Kohler walk-in bath one of the leading tubs in the industry include: 

  • Ultra-low 3-inch walk-in threshold, which is considered on the of the lowest in the market
  • Extra-wide door, which is 20% wider than other walk-in tubs to be exact
  • Anti-slip textured flooring 
  • Easy-grip safety handrails
  • Accessible control panel, so the spa features are just an inch away, without any chance of slipping 

The Good Stuff 

If you’re looking at a Kohler walk-in bath, it must be because you want a little more luxury than your usual walk-in tubs. The Kohler walk-in tub offers a variety of pampering features along with their safety measures. If you’re in the mood for a bit of relaxation, then you’ll be happy to know the Kohler walk-in tub comes equipped with: 

  • BubbleMassage air jets that release tiny bubbles to support hydrotherapy jets for that full spa-like experience 
  • Heated surfaces in the back, seat, and neck areas so you can stay toasty and oh-so-relaxed
  • Hydrotherapy whirlpool jets that can help ease sore muscles and provide a massage experience for your back, legs, and feet
  • Multifunctional showerhead with three degrees of sprays, including one for sensitive skin
  • Fast-drain technology which is four times faster than Kohler’s previous models, so you never have to sit in cold water
  • An extra-wide seat that’s 30% wider than the other guys, so you don’t have to feel discomfort as you settle back and enjoy your bath

Pros and Cons 

To get a bit of a bigger idea of what the reviews say regarding the Kohler walk-in tub, here are some of the most noted pros and cons: 

The Pros of the Kohler Walk-in Bath

  • It’s designed and built in the USA
  • Their wall add-ons and tubs come in a variety of designs and colors
  • There are plenty of ADA safety features like the ones included above, as well as anti-scald technology 
  • Hydrotherapy water jets, heated surfaces, and Bubblemassage air jets make this walk-in tub a nice little luxury hub
  • Reviews report amazing customer service experience when calling for information, as well as during the installation process

The Cons of the Kohler Walk-in Bath

  • There are no price quotes available to view online
  • No ozone self-cleaning feature like other walk-in tubs may offer
  • Home appointment required for more info
  • A bit on the pricier side than other walk-in tubs
  • It may not be wheelchair accessible

Kohler Walk-In Tub Pricing

One of the downfalls for the Kohler walk-in bath is their failure in adding prices to their website. However, you can call the customer service line to get an estimate. The most accurate pricing information will probably come during the home appointment if you decide to schedule. Some of the luxurious models of the Kohler walk-in bath are estimated to run for about $12,000 or more. They do offer financing in partnership with Green-Sky, a known home-improvement financer. 

Kohler Walk-In Bath: The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a walk-in tub that can double as a luxury experience, then the Kohler walk-in tub may be right up your alley. The Kohler walk-in baths are perfect if you want to get a bit more bang for your buck and are willing to pay a steeper price for higher quality in design and performance. Customer reviews rave that the Kohler walk-in tub is a good quality fixture, and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about it not fitting your tub. The Kohler walk-in tubs are customizable and work to fit your tub. 

The only downside to the Kohler walk-in bath is their pricing, meaning you can’t access accurate pricing online. The cost for these luxurious tubs can, as expected, be a bit pricier when compared to the other guys. However, there are financing options available, so if you have your heart set on the Kohler walk-in tub, it can be yours. When compared to the other guys, the Kohler walk-in tub offers a great luxury experience, detailed safety, and security features, and an overall great experience. If you’re a bath connoisseur, or you’re looking to make the most out of every bath time experience, then the Kohler walk-in bath is the walk-in tub for you. 

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