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Safestep Walk-In Tub Review

By Jessica Thomas July 03, 2021 Aging

You’ve been looking for a walk-in tub to fit your needs, and that allows you to still have independence while you bathe. On the other hand, maybe you’ve been experiencing a nasty bout of vertigo when you walk into the shower, or you’ve been getting a little paranoid that a fall while you shower is in your not-so-distant future. It happens, and it’s a scary thing when it does. Could a Safestep walk-in tub be for you?

A Walk-in Tub is a Solution

To ensure a fall during your nightly shower is not a thing, walk-in tubs have been created and marketed for older adults who may be prone to a slip here and there. A vast majority of people with walk-in tubs are happy to be slip-free. If you are looking for a walk-in tub to install in your bathroom, you may be overwhelmed with the choices offered. There are so many walk-in tubs available from a variety of brands, where should you even start? 

Consider The Safestep Walk-in Tub

The Safestep walk-in tub has been deemed as one of the most reliable tubs in the world of walk-in tubs. Based in Tennessee, the Safestep company offers high-quality products, reliable service and gets you what you need fast. Their products have plenty of rave reviews on the company’s site. But is the Safestep walk-in tub really worth it? Read on to find out. 

Safestep Walk-In Tub Features

If you’re going to invest in a walk-in tub, you want one that is reliable and sturdy, and that has valuable features that you actually want and need. Here are some of the Safestep walk-in tub’s most notable features: 

  • Wide, safe doors
  • Easy to reach controls
  • Anti-slip floor and seat
  • Built-in grab bar
  • Quick-release drawing
  • Low-entry step
  • Handheld shower wand
  • Safe Water cleaning system
  • Ten massaging jets
  • Anti-scald faucet
  • Mold resistant gel-coat
  • Heated seat and back
  • No-strength locking handle for easier door operation

As you can see, the Safestep walk-in tub does have a variety of features that could elevate your walk-in tub experience and make sure you get a great bathing experience without having to worry about an unforeseen fall. There is no greater thing than knowing you can comfortably bathe on your own without being paranoid about a fall. 

Safestep Walk-In Tub Pros and Cons

Like all good things, there are a few notable cons to hear about the Safestep walk-in tub. Here are some of the pros and cons you should consider: 

The Pros of the Safestep Walk-in Tub

  • The walk-in tubs come with a large variety of ADA-approved safety and spa-like therapeutic features to elevate your bathing experience.
  • Their warranty is magnificent. They offer a lifetime warranty on the tub, door seal, faucets, water pumps, and heaters.
  • The Safestep company even offers a cool hybrid walk-in tub and shower combo. 
  •  The walk-in tubs are made in the USA.
  • The installation of the walk-in tub is considered fast, usually taking a day or two. 

The Cons of the Safestep Walk-in Tub

As the old saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Here are a few of the most notable cons to the Safestep walk-in tubs, as told by some of their clients’ reviews:

  • There are no quotes or prices given online.
  • If you want to get a quote, you have to call the customer service line and make an appointment for a salesperson to come to you.
  • You can’t see a product in person before purchasing it.
  • The door only swings inward.
  • The number of hydro jets in the walk-in tub are less than many competitors.
  • Many customers report their tub/shower leaking after being newly installed.
  • The Better Business Bureau has published several customer complaints due to flighty customer service when requesting repair and customer service. 

Safestep Pricing

Though there is no pricing available online, according to the website, their prices are lower than average. The Safestep company doesn’t charge for the consultation, and installation is already merged with the price of the tub of your choosing. In addition, they offer rebates, like the Helping Hand rebate, which can qualify people who have arthritis, nerve damage, and diabetes, among other conditions. Their pricing section also talks about various financing plans available to clients, but as noted above, there is no specific pricing mentioned at all on their website. 

Is the Safestep Walk-In Tub Worth it? 

The Safestep company seems to excel in offering quality products for a lower budget than most other competitors. Though their pricing is not available to view online, this could be a detrimental factor that holds plenty of buyers back from looking more into their products. However, many customers are happy with their tubs and showers and rave about the good quality of their products. So it seems you can get pretty good quality products for the price when you finally get in contact with customer service to find out. 

A Major Con

One of the biggest cons to note for Safestep is their customer service. Many clients have expressed frustration and dissatisfaction with customer service representatives when it comes to making an installation appointment and getting a repairman to come to see a faulty product. It’s important to note this because customer service can truly be a guiding factor when it comes to picking out a product you will have in your household for years to come. 

But the Pros may Outweigh the Cons for You

In the end, it truly does depend on what you are looking for. Safestep boasts about better pricing and quality products. Reviews show this to be true. However, reviews also show that there can be a disconnect between the products and the customer service. Check out Safestep’s page on the Better Business Bureau here

We know you want good quality products, but you also want the reassurance that there can be good and reliable customer service after you buy. There is one heavy pro and one concerning con when it comes to Safestep. If you want a walk-in tub that has safety and spa-like functions that is worth what you pay, Safestep has got you covered. The most worrisome factor seems to be their customer service, and this can be something that makes or breaks a decision. 

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