Cassie Christopher is a Registered Dietitian and founder of the Stress Less Weight Mastery. She is a post-menopausal weight loss expert and passionate about helping women love themselves better by healing emotional overeating. You can grab Cassie’s free guide to eliminate food cravings at

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7 days ago

Is Fear of Failure Paralyzing You from Pursuing Healthy Eating Changes after 60?

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, change your eating habits or move your body more, then you’ve probably also failed at each of those tasks. And don’t misread my tone: I say that without any judgement or expectation that you would fit back into your…

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3 weeks ago

Why More Willpower Isn’t the Answer to Fight Food Cravings

Many women I work with in their 60s and beyond are frustrated that after decades of dieting and trying to get food figured out they are still struggling with food cravings. Perhaps this is you? You think if only you could have more self-control, discipline…

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1 month ago

What to Do When Stepping on the Scale Unleashes Your Inner Self-Critic

You step on the scale and the number staring back at you is higher than you wanted. For some, this can start a cycle of self-criticism and restrictive eating that can corrode self-esteem and ruin your day. Take Mary for example. She had been put on a diet…

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