Cassie Christopher is a Masters-trained Registered Dietitian who helps women in midlife and beyond create a supportive relationship with food, their bodies, and health so they can eat with joy instead of eating to seek joy. You can get immediate help when you're experiencing a craving by downloading Cassie's Cravings Busting audio guide.

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3 weeks ago

Intuitive Eating for Mature Women: Make Peace with Food (+3 Tips to Apply Right Now!)

If you’re tired of the mental food police constantly assessing what you put in your mouth, and you don’t trust yourself to eat well without the constant judgement, intuitive eating may be a good option for you to finally make peace with food…

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4 months ago

5 Ways to Overcome Indulgent Eating So You Can Drop Weight (+ Video!)

If you’re a woman in her 50s and beyond, you probably already know all the things you “should” be doing to keep weight and eating in check. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has helped many women overcome indulgent eating…

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6 months ago

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? How Trauma Sabotages Weight Loss for High Achieving Women (VIDEO)

High achieving women in their 50s and 60s who struggle with making consistently healthy food choices tend to have one thing in common: a history of trauma. Even if these same women have spent years in therapy and are at peace with the traumatic…

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7 months ago

3 Tips to Curb Indulgent Eating on Summer Vacations for Women over 50

For women over 50 who struggle with food obsession and want to lose weight, the prospect of vacation can bring both excitement and anxiety. Why do women over 50 feel anxiety about indulgent eating on summer vacations?

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8 months ago

Why Successful Women Over 50 Struggle to Make Healthy Eating Choices

All this time you’ve probably believed that you are sabotaging yourself with poor self-control, but in reality, it’s All or Nothing Dieting claiming that even a little ice cream counts as a failure. The same logical mind that made you successful rationalizes…

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9 months ago

Weight Loss for Accomplished Women Over 60 Tired of Feeling Obsessed with Food

If you’re an accomplished woman over 60 who is tired of feeling obsessed with food, but wants to lose weight, you will learn the 3 steps to weight loss in this article.

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9 months ago

How to Stop Obsessing About Food and Make Consistently Healthy Choices for Women Over 60

Whether your end goal is to lose weight, do everything in your power to prevent or treat a disease, or both, the anxiety of feeling stuck in patterns that don’t align with your values around health can be overwhelming…

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10 months ago

How to Grow Resilience and Cut Stress Eating for Successful Women over 60

You’ve accomplished a lot in your life. You can do anything you set your mind to. But there is just one area where you constantly struggle, and hope nobody notices: your eating habits. If you are a woman over 60 struggling with eating, especially when stressed…

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11 months ago

How Women Over 60 Can Develop the Courage to Trust Themselves Around Food

Before you can learn to trust yourselves to consistently follow the healthy behaviors that provide the confidence to follow your dreams, you have to understand why the trust got broken in the first place…

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12 months ago

Exhausted by Dieting but Still Want to Eat Better? What Women Over 60 Need to Know

The reason women over 60 struggle to make healthy eating choices is because the solution to “fixing” eating sets you up for failure. Attempts to eat less, eliminate “bad” foods and tightly control what goes in your mouth are the hallmarks…

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