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Christine Auda is a self-taught abstract acrylic and digital painter, collage artist and writer. Exploring the joyful, spiritual and quirky parts of life, she is inspired by nature, animals, spirituality and more. She lives at the scenic Jersey Shore and enjoys sharing her love of art with others.

Latest Posts By Christine Auda

9 months ago

Finding Joy in Geometric Doodling

According to an article in Forbes magazine, doodling isn’t always linear. It’s defined as an aimless sketch, design or scribble, often created while doing something else. Its appeal is that the result doesn’t have to be perfect or fit a certain ideal…

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10 months ago

Doodling Is a Productive and Meditative Practice

Remember drawing your sixth-grade teacher with devil horns in your notebook, or doodling hearts, flowers or stars, during a boring business meeting? I’ve been guilty of these scenarios. But happily, I no longer feel like a complete slacker…

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