Cindy Williams, investor and recently retired 40-plus-year TN-licensed real estate broker/appraiser, enjoys empowering people. Cindy has written articles for local newspapers, co-hosted a radio talk show, owned/operated a dirt race track and looks forward to more adventures. Any questions are welcomed at

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3 months ago

Real Estate Listings, Contracts and Closings – 24-Hour Advice!

Just the mere mention of listing contracts, sales contracts and real estate closings create anxiety, doesn’t it? Why does the sale of a property have to be so complicated and require so much paperwork? Think about it, a home is one…

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5 months ago

Oceanview, Bedbugs and More: Travel Rental Experiences

Have you ever planned an exciting vacation or holiday getaway only to arrive at your dream destination to find your room, condo or villa rental isn’t exactly what you bargained for? Likely you may have traveled quite a distance, you are weary…

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5 months ago

To Be or Not to Be a Landlord

Today’s economy has us all searching high and low for some extra streams of income, right? The latest stock market volatility and interest rate skyrocketing makes us feel like we are on a daily roller coaster ride that has no end in sight!

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6 months ago

Home Ownership… It’s Always Something!

To quote one of my very favorite and famous beloved female comedians, Gilda Radner’s character, Roseannadanna, “It just goes to show you, it’s always something – if it ain’t one thing, it’s another!” I regularly re-quote Roseannadanna’s…

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8 months ago

What Your Home Says About You

Over the years, I have had a unique opportunity to visit many homes as a real estate appraiser and broker. Looking back, surprisingly, the most memorable homes that I visited were not the most expensive, largest or grandiose!

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9 months ago

To Buy or to Build, That Is the Question

So you are ready to buy or build a home that fits your retirement needs, but which is the better choice? Is buying an existing home the cheaper, least stressful choice or is building a new home the most efficient and satisfying choice?

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10 months ago

Being a Good Neighbor – Does It Matter?

Frankly, as I typed out the subject line “being a good neighbor,” scenes of old TV shows passed through my mind, reminiscent of neighbors on shows like Leave It to Beaver or My Three Sons bringing casseroles over to new neighbors…

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11 months ago

Home Inspections: Is It Time for a Change?

After 45 years in the real estate profession, I must say that the
inclusion of home inspections starting in the late 1990s has created the highest degree of animosity and turmoil between a buyer and a seller that I have ever witnessed…

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12 months ago

Do You Really Need a Home Appraisal – And How to Prepare

When is a real estate appraisal needed or required? Who is legally allowed to conduct a real estate appraisal? What does a typical real estate appraisal cost? So many questions to ponder – and I’ve got answers!

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1 year ago

Can Bad Neighbors Affect Your Property Value?

Bad neighbors and good neighbors, yes, we’ve all got them in our lives! But can our bad neighbors actually have a negative effect on our property value? Yes, bad neighbors can and do affect your property value…

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