Cindy Williams, investor and recently retired 40-plus-year TN-licensed real estate broker/appraiser, enjoys empowering people. Cindy has written articles for local newspapers, co-hosted a radio talk show, owned/operated a dirt race track and looks forward to more adventures. Any questions are welcomed at

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1 month ago

Home Inspections: Is It Time for a Change?

After 45 years in the real estate profession, I must say that the
inclusion of home inspections starting in the late 1990s has created the highest degree of animosity and turmoil between a buyer and a seller that I have ever witnessed…

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2 months ago

Do You Really Need a Home Appraisal – And How to Prepare

When is a real estate appraisal needed or required? Who is legally allowed to conduct a real estate appraisal? What does a typical real estate appraisal cost? So many questions to ponder – and I’ve got answers!

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3 months ago

Can Bad Neighbors Affect Your Property Value?

Bad neighbors and good neighbors, yes, we’ve all got them in our lives! But can our bad neighbors actually have a negative effect on our property value? Yes, bad neighbors can and do affect your property value…

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4 months ago

What Is a Dream Home?

What is a dream home? Is a dream home a “perfect home”? The word, “perfect” is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “Having no mistake or flaw.” Is your dream home a perfect home or the home that only you “dream” of?

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5 months ago

Cash Offers to Purchase Your Home – Sincere or Not?

Lately, I have been getting quite a few calls from people asking me about cash offers they are receiving in the mail, by text or on the phone for their home. Just yesterday, I received three cash offers in my mailbox for a piece of property that I personally own…

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6 months ago

My Love-Hate Relationship with HOAs

Do you own a property located within a Homeowners Association? Do you have or hear horror stories from friends and family dealing with Homeowners Associations? I’ve got a few to share, and I am betting many of you do, too! Homeowners Associations…

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7 months ago

Real Estate Auction, Anyone?

Have you ever been to a real estate auction? It is really a lot of fun! Real estate auctions take place all around us every day of the week, yet I’m always amazed at how many people have never attended one or are simply afraid to buy real estate…

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8 months ago

To Improve or Not to Improve Your Home?

So you want to make improvements to your beautiful home? Do you want to update, add on or just make some changes? To improve or not to improve seems to be a lingering question among homeowners. I often love to make changes or improvements…

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9 months ago

A Handy Checklist for Savvy Home Buyers

Often, I get a text or email from someone asking me what I think about a home they are considering purchasing. They will send me the address and ask me, “What do you think of this house?” I think they expect me to say…

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10 months ago

Did You Know You Can Sell Your Own House?

My nephew recently called me and asked me to list his home for sale. I have been the “family” real estate go-to person for over 40years, so it was not an unusual request. My answer to his request would be different this time. I have just retired both my…

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