Cynthia Hogg is a freelance writer who lives in West Michigan. She writes primarily about travel and grandparenting and combines the two in her blog, where she describes the triumphs and tribulations of grandparents traveling with grandkids without the parents along! She is also a regular contributor to Senior Perspectives magazine.

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2 weeks ago

What Is Skip-Gen Travel and Why Is It Trending?

The definition of skip-gen travel is simple: grandparents traveling with grandkids without the parents along (i.e., skipping the “middle” generation). Why is it becoming so popular? That’s simple, too: it’s the perfect win-win-win situation!

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4 weeks ago

Yes, You Can! Skip-Gen Travel for Full-Time Caregivers

Many people assume travel is something you must forego if you are the full-time caregiver for another person. Not so! With a little creativity and willingness to reach out, not only can you take an occasional trip – you must…

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2 months ago

A Tale of 2 Gretchens: Discovering Local Treasures During the Pandemic

Everyone in Michigan knows the first Gretchen, our governor Gretchen Whitmer. Love her or hate her, I don’t envy anyone in any kind of leadership role who has had to deal with all the challenges and ever-changing landscape of this pandemic…

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8 months ago

Staying Connected When the Pandemic Disconnects Us: 30 Days of Paying It Forward

Socially distancing for physical health can have the opposite effect on our mental health. We are social beings, created to connect meaningfully with other human beings. When we lose that, we lose part of ourselves…

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10 months ago

Skipping Across the Great Lakes on a Skip-Gen Trip

This past summer I had a marvelous trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada, planned with my 12-year-old granddaughter – which COVID totally torpedoed, of course. As I worked my way through Plans B, C, and D, all the time…

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12 months ago

5 Tips for Skip-Gen Travel in the Age of Covid-19

Perhaps you are a “newbie” to skip-gen travel, and this was the summer you planned to take that first special trip with your grandchild. Or perhaps you are a seasoned skip-gen traveler and were looking forward to another great trip…

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