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Dr. Devorah Feinbloom is a chiropractor and holistic health educator located near Boston. She is a certified mindfulness teacher and an advocate of experiential and body-centered learning. She is the creator of “The Mindful Nutritional Re-Boot Camp Cleanse” and “Mindfulness-Based Self-Healing” workshops. At 60, Devorah became a mosaic artist, something she dreamed about since she was a child. Visit her website here

Latest Posts By Devorah Feinbloom

1 year ago

Exploring the Natural Alternatives to HRT After Menopause

Blessed are the women who soar through menopause unscathed. Not all of us, however, are so lucky. There are about 38 different symptoms attributable to menopause. We’ve all heard the complaints: suffering with embarrassing hot flashes, excess weight gain in the belly…

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2 years ago

Delicious and Nutritious Wheat Substitutions for Healthy Aging

While some people cannot handle wheat, others find that it is the gluten in wheat, rye or barley that is bothersome. Many people report feeling bloated, gassy, spacey and tired soon after they eat a meal containing wheat or gluten…

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2 years ago

5 Things You Can Do NOW to Help Your Body Detox

One seemingly uneventful day in May of 2003 I was driving to my chiropractor’s office when a car on the opposite side of the road made an unexpected left turn in front of my car, causing a head-on collision. My chest smashed…

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4 years ago

3 Mindfulness Tools to Stop You from Overindulging in Holiday Treats

I often think back several years ago to a time when I wanted to quit drinking coffee. Each day I would walk by a lovely café en route to work and that little voice in my head would say, I want a cup of coffee.

Before I knew it, I was carrying a steaming hot latte into my office. I felt totally powerless to keep my word. My thoughts called the shots. Has this ever happened to you? Read More

5 years ago

Soulful Medicine: How to Reduce Stress Through Meditation

Let’s face it. We’d rather be “on.” We’d rather have that edge where we feel connected and that everything is going with the flow. But life isn’t like that, is it? Read More