Elise Krentzel is an author, ghostwriter, communications entrepreneur, and book coach. She has lived in 5 countries and is the mother of one son. Her first book, Under My Skin – Drama, Trauma & Rock ‘n’ Roll is available for sale. She’s currently working on her second book, Men Moving Me.

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4 months ago

The ATX TV Festival – A Great Reason to Travel

Austin, Texas. What do you associate this deep in the heart of Texas city with?
It’s a destination people think of as bachelor or bachelorette parties, the ubiquitous SXSW Film, Music and Tech festival, ACL – the live music event spread over two weekends…

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8 months ago

Why Processing Your Past Ensures You Leave It Behind

I hung on to court case divorce documents, which piled three feet – yes, three feet worth – in my closet for 12 years. Just last week, I finally dumped them where they belong, in the dumpster. I don’t know why I kept them…

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9 months ago

How Global Travel Set Me Free and Made Me More Intelligent

Although my teen years were amongst the most treacherous in my life, a few events molded me positively into the lifelong seeker I am today. When I was 16, I had the grand opportunity to go on a teen tour to nine countries in Europe with a group…

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10 months ago

Writing Your Memoir and Why it Matters – Part 2

In a previous blog we touched upon the importance of identifying themes when writing your memoir. Here we will examine and explore what happens after you’ve outlined your book themes. That will enable you to plot a patchwork story…

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11 months ago

Writing Your Memoir and Why It Matters

Have you ever thought about journaling or writing down the most intimate events of your life? Events that caused a cathartic shift in your perception and thought process, or ones that scared the living daylights out of you or left an indelible mark?

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11 months ago

How I Raised a Free-Spirited Boy Who Loves and Respects Women

Has anyone had the experience of giving birth over 40? Perhaps conflict and turbulence were an accepted part of your marriage or life without a partner and pregnancy? For sure, it was part of mine…

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12 months ago

Redefining Love – Without a Partner – and Why You Don’t Need One

Have you devoted years, if not decades, to therapeutic services in the search for the answer to how to love and forgive yourself and your ex-partner(s)? The self-help gurus, coaches, and TikTokers offer up many exercises that work to a limited degree by creating…

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1 year ago

Escaping Relationship Toxicity Unscathed and Healed

As a child (and into adulthood), I experienced abuse: sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional. Both my parents were narcissists, one more severe than the other: my mother was an alcoholic, and my father had a sex addiction. As a result, I was highly insecure…

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