Elizabeth Martyn is a writer and personal coach. She lives in the UK and blogs at Beyond 60 http://www.beyond-60.com. Here she intrepidly explores this unexpectedly extraordinary time of life, one of fresh insights, new opportunities, and exciting - and occasionally unnerving - freedoms.

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4 months ago

Why Every Woman Over 60 Needs a Samurai Friend

“Samurai” friends give each other an active helping hand on the voyage down the river of life. They help each other to learn, grow and generally do better; and when things go wrong they help each other out of potholes and back on track…

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9 months ago

4 Ways to End the Day with Positivity

Do you ever feel fine during the day, but as the shadows start to lengthen and tiredness creeps in, you notice your spirits flagging? And that evening you were looking forward to seems more like a mini-endurance test to cope with before you can go off to bed?

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12 months ago

Piano, Ukulele or Trumpet? Choosing a Musical Instrument to Learn After 60

‘Learn a musical instrument’ is a piece of glib advice that’s often wheeled out to older people. But instruments are not all born equal, and choosing wisely will give you a head start in achieving your music-making desires. Would you like to while away hours…

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2 years ago

How to Relax and Relieve Stress with Your Very Own Home Retreat

Going on an organised retreat can be expensive and requires travel. To save both cash and time you can set up a retreat for yourself – and maybe a friend or two – and enjoy a relaxed time of self-nurturing without leaving home…

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3 years ago

How to Stop Hating Christmas

If the approach – or should that be onslaught? – of the festive season makes your heart sink, then here’s something to bear in mind: How you feel about Christmas depends largely on the perspective you choose to take – and note, I said ‘choose…’

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