Jackie Parsons is the co-owner of Hedonistic Hiking. She has been a tour guide since 1992 and has lead walking tours since 2000. She creates and guides Hedonistic Hiking’s all-inclusive gastronomic hiking tours throughout Italy. Alongside the hikes, all tours provide an unforgettable insight into the local history, art, culture, food, and wine, and are graded for ability. Find out more at https://www.hedonistichiking.com

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1 month ago

Which Are the Best Mediterranean Islands for a Walking Holiday?

A magnet for sun worshippers in spring and summer, the islands that dot the Mediterranean actually offer far more than gorgeous beaches lapped by translucent water. Dramatic mountainous landscapes, rugged coastal stretches…

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3 months ago

6 Unmissable Italian Regions for Wine Enthusiasts

How much do you know about wine? Can you identify an extravagantly-priced bottle compared to a cheaper one? Or explain why a particular wine paired with a specific dish really enhances your meal? Sometimes we know the answer instinctively…

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4 months ago

7 reasons to visit the Palio of Siena

Experiencing any event overseas can be a great way to get under the skin of the town or city where it takes place, but particularly if it’s an experience that’s essentially for locals rather than tourists. So many events today are staged…

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7 months ago

How to Get an Authentic Travel Experience in Italy

Authentic travel. We’re all talking about it but what exactly makes a trip authentic? And more to the point, is it really possible to find authenticity on a fleeting one- or two-week holiday – and particularly if we’re partial to a touch of luxury?

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8 months ago

Broaden Your Travel Horizons in 2022!

For me, one of the downsides to the pandemic was the narrowing of our horizons, so the strong signs that we’re getting back on track in terms of exploring the world again is brilliant news for all of us. I’ve just managed to squeeze in a…

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9 months ago

Start Planning Now for the Best 2022 Feelgood Moments

We hear so much today about ‘living your best life’ that, without the benefit of age and wisdom, it would be easy to imagine that everyone around us was managing to do exactly that. In fact, the clue in the phrase is in the word ‘your’…

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10 months ago

You’re Never Too Old to Climb a Mountain!

How much attention do you pay to your age? Do you start to feel low in the lead-up to each birthday, or do you disregard the number and focus instead on what you’ve done over the past year and plan to do in the coming year? The fact is that…

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12 months ago

Movie Adventures: How to Travel Through Italy on Screen

How much did you miss going to the movies during lockdown? Are you happy to curl up in front of the TV at home, or is watching a movie just one element of a bigger experience? Like a good book, stepping into an alternative screen-based world…

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1 year ago

Garden Inspiration – Have You Discovered Gardening During the Pandemic?

If you’ve unearthed a hidden passion for gardening during the pandemic, you won’t be alone. Indeed, numerous studies have revealed that people of all ages have woken up to the attraction of planting and caring for all things green, and the suggestion…

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1 year ago

6 Reasons to Visit Italy’s Little-Known Abruzzo Region

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably desperate to start travelling again. Perhaps you have even organised your next trip. But how have your holiday plans changed over the past year? Are you longing to get back to a favourite place or are you…

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