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Janet Basilone has been a secretary, financial services marketer, and freelance writer for 20+ years. She is founder of Fine Diners Over 40™, a members-only dinner club in New York and Seattle. Occasionally she writes about restaurants, but found real purpose in adding her voice to the food waste reduction movement. She also writes about stories of renewal after age 40. Visit her website here

Latest Posts By Janet Basilone

2 years ago

10 Steps to Starting a Food Rescue Organization in Your Community

Reducing food waste can help address hunger, reduce greenhouse gas while freeing up landfill space, and conserve water and other natural resources. Charities across the U.S. now ask food donors to assist them in serving healthier meals…

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6 years ago

Tired of Yelling Over Your Meal? Here’s How to Find a Quiet Senior-Friendly Restaurant

There are a few things in life that drive me bonkers. One is when people discard their notes on the sidewalk instead of the trash can. Or when a person lets the lobby door close in my face — blissfully unaware that I’m behind, intent on slowing him down a few precious seconds. Read More

6 years ago

Goat Yoga?!? Weird and Wonderful Gentle Yoga Trends Seniors Will Love!

Yoga is a robust and still-growing sector of the health and wellness industry. Its popularity is being driven in no small part by boomers and healthcare providers who see it as an eminently accessible way to increase flexibility and muscle strength. Read More