Life coach and educator, Julia Griffin is dedicated to helping others find meaning, purpose and joy at every life stage. Julia is a Certified and Credentialed Coach, an Associate Board Member of UK ICF and loves working with people across the world. Connect with Julia:

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1 year ago

Over 60? Embrace the 3 P’s – Pleasure, Purpose and Passion!

Living in your 60s marks a time when either retirement has arrived or it’s certainly on the horizon. You’re ready to knuckle down on happiness and health and bring together the threads of your life tapestry…

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2 years ago

How a Life Stocktake Can Kick Start Your Next Adventure

Have you heard the good news? Life adventures are crucial to happiness and health. Each time you take a holiday, start a new hobby or learn a new language, you strengthen the functioning of your brain and improve its neuroplasticity…

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